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  1. You are correct sir, I’d say an exception is Washington DC, which was one of the first examples of American urban planning, except it was designed for horses, and holy shit it shows during gridlock.
  2. Trump tried to create a Twitter account for his blog, and was almost immediately banned again, lol
  3. this looks like the period right where Dwayne started to spiral. he hadn't shaved his head yet, but what a loss he was to the original line up. RIP eh
  4. Dispensary next to the Chinese takeout, that’s ‘America.
  5. Young Rock has become a guilty pleasure, it's mostly network schlock, but the 1982 storyline is the one that keeps me entertained. I only vaguely knew how far back Dwayne Johnson's family was involved with pro-am wrestling, but they were there before Vince McMahon even. Of course Dwayne's father and grandfather came up in the classic age of amateur wrestling, and then transitioned to mainland WWF when it blew up. But Dwayne's mother-in-law was maybe the post powerful woman in wrestling history, pretty much managed every wrestler on the Hawaiian islands, got deported, then came back a broken wo
  6. Facebook upholds Trump ban: https://www.wfla.com/news/explainer-will-donald-trump-return-to-facebook/amp/
  7. So basically everything after Peter Hook left.
  8. To prove that he has caught up to 2005, Drupf is now blogging: https://www.donaldjtrump.com/desk
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