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  1. They PC'ed this one to death. No resemblance to any of the original series plot, can't risk offending those Southern markets where inbred cannibals might be received poorly, no real terror, no sex, no getting high, (i.e. the things that make people get killed in horror flicks). Just an inane storyline hitting all the current beats; cults, antlers, conspiracy theories, and a suckass ending. Avoid this like the plague.
  2. The first 10 minutes gave me hope it was funny, but goddamn the filler was so thick it was like they were just killing time til the next sketch. I did appreciate the callback to the Duke Brothers, that was sweet.
  3. Since the Kickstarter failed, Electronic Sound Magazine will publish 500 copies on vinyl themselves:
  4. Another banging collab album from Heartwood Institute: https://spunoutofcontrol.bandcamp.com/album/concrete-island
  5. https://thehill.com/homenews/house/541553-sole-gop-vote-on-police-reform-bill-says-he-accidentally-pushed-the-wrong
  6. So the major draw of this brand is it comes in a shit plastic microwave container?
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