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  1. I bought the cd on Photic Fields. Great album.
  2. Yes, this is excellent. I wish he'd make a similar album soon.
  3. Well, yes of course I "pre"-ordered the cd. That's exactly my point. I expect a pre-order to be sent out on release date. I pre-ordered two other RX-101 cd's at juno (UK) & they both missed their release date as well for several weeks & even months. Out of frustration I ordered them in the US. I received a mail today my cd got sent by BLEEP. Anyway: tx for the great music.
  4. I ordered my cd over a month ago with bleep. It still isn't in stock. I hate it when release dates are missed. It's not the first time for Suction.
  5. https://bleep.com/release/169506-alessandro-cortini-and-daniel-avery-illusion-of-time- Daniel Avery and Alessandro Cortini hinted at their collaborative potential when they released the limited edition 7” ‘Water’/‘Sun’ back in 2017 through Erol Alkan’s Phantasy imprint. The pair have been busy since then - Avery with promoting his wonderful second studio LP Song For Alpha, Cortini with a variety of projects including solo material and the group SONOIO. However, despite both having full schedules they have also found time to make good on the promise of that 2017 release, creating ten tracks together which are released here on the new LP Illusion Of Time. ‘Water’ and ‘Sun’ both appear on Illusion Of Time, and both remain just as impressive as the first time we heard them. While ‘Water’ comes off as a more blissed-out rendering of Blanck Mass’ monolithic electronics, ‘Sun’s grinding drones almost push it in Sunn O))) territory. Indeed, these two tracks act almost as yin and yang for Illusion Of Time as a whole, with the rest of the numbers here all falling broadly into one of these two camps. When taken as a whole it makes for a listening experience at once tranquil and turbulent, emotional and thoughtful - the recent film scoring work of Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) makes for a good point of comparison. Daniel Avery and Alessandro Cortini unite for an LP of cinematic, frequently gorgeous drones and ambiences.
  6. This fuck got one as well! It has some most excellent tracks on it! Happy to read you're doing fine. Women can have that effect. Now waiting for Clone to get your latest in... It sounds right up my alley...
  7. I'm massive fan as well. Prefer his disco or cello experiments to his country stuff.
  8. Cool. But I've been waiting for these like forever: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/roy-of-the-ravers-who-are-ya/686814-01/ https://www.juno.co.uk/products/roy-of-the-white-line-sunrise-ii/685150-01/
  9. It's actually Steve Summers (L.I.E.S., Clone) under his real name.
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