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  1. Hello WATMM, New York Haunted has just released my new album, 'Scelero', and I would love to share with you -- link below w/ kind words: https://newyorkhaunted.bandcamp.com/album/nyh196-itzel-scelero "After his sensational EP and LP last year, we are extremely happy to welcome Itzel back to NYH! I have to be honest, it's hard to find new ways to describe artists that are great and make amazing music. I'm stunned no other labels have jumped on Daniel/Itzel yet and I'm also amazed at the general lack of attention for his previous releases. Superb electronica like this should not g
  2. I am very much enjoying the blissed-out, ethereal nature of your music, and love the incredibly smooth interweaving of sounds. Each track has character, and it is certainly not a predictable release. Thank you for sharing! ?
  3. Hello, all -- I've just released a collection of music and would like to share the love: https://itzzzelll.bandcamp.com/album/cant http://itzzzelll.bandcamp.com/yum z8c8-xlva 3zh3-eetb 5yew-ub3x rk64-jxhq dnyh-gppt pakj-3fbb vxlp-7z43 6qp8-5zvs urf3-bgzd lvdw-x7kh 4gqq-j5zv 42r7-gr89 elmx-347z gcgp-hmp6 thur-5tby tqw5-bblf t8hg-xhva j6bz-jwmh 73xn-kwy5 xdev-k4bf Another EP, Atelo, was released a couple of months ago on Drvg Cvltvre's New York Haunted label: https://newyorkhaunted.bandcamp.com/album/nyh178-itzel-atelo Thank you
  4. Hello, Oct. 25 marked the release of my EP, Atelo, on Drvg Cvltvre's New York Haunted label, which has been home to Evol, Ekman, Ewa Justka, Loraine James and a load more killer music from the underground. Kind words from the label: "After his sensational EP last year, we are happy to welcome Itzel back to NYH! Again he sent us so much good music that it wasn't easy selecting some of it for a decent size release. This is one of those producers that constantly defies the way he or she creates music, thus opening new paths in the jungle of electronic music. Soft tingeled melodies are I
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