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  1. The record arrived and me and mrs skull listened through it. There're two types of tracks. The epics at beginning, middle, and end, M4 Lema, Metaz, r cazt. Then the square-waveys, all the rest. They have this kind of organic tangling thing, like bodies and plants spawning little buds and branches and random mutations. M4 Lema Scattered and complex, like a spread out far out civilization exploding and left in an unsettled state. F7 Spawning little buds, a multiplying organism growing from a mulchy soil bed and getting tangled. Si00 There's some deep mixing and, like, this aquatic civilization thing, and they're just going about their business. Mrs skull said it sounded like a demented kids' show. Esc desc Like F7 but it sounds like crying. Tears, and I feel this agony underneath, a horrified feeling. It's like this great big weeping tree of life. Mrs skull said it's like a maestro playing a giant organ in some ancient place. Au14 Mrs skull says it's "like a big pinball machine". Metaz Form8 It has this feeling of the most epic beginning and ending. Like an entire life replayed. Lives growing and spreading and dying. Mrs skull says it's like two people trying to communicate but having a hard time understanding each other. sch.mefd Again with growing and spreading and tangling. Love how the "melody" kind of "resolves". gr4 The same square-wavey stuff, but something has been lost, or is lost, or was never found. Mrs skull says it sounds like two birds talking to each other. Th red a These chords, the individual notes seem probabilistic, like will the chord reach its potential? They have this purity about them, but there's this wormy presence infiltrating them. That wavemorphy sound, like something from shimripl casual, sounds like a parasite, winding around the chords and digging into their dna. Psin AM Driving-at-night music, through the tunnel to the end. Again with little spawns deep in the mix. I could listen to this for hours. r cazt This is fuckin unreal. Whoever made this cannot have been in a right frame of mind. It's like this great shuddering grief, this body-shaking falling feeling. But like the others there's a note of hope, like the next life is waiting, even if its just an idea. Yeah so, me and Mrs skull think it's a masterpiece.
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