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  1. http://taylorswift.com/users/w0W6WNzI/blogs/6280112
  2. The patterns have a similar rhythm to that stuff you hear in your head just before you fall asleep.☺
  3. twww-7 by theianist (Ian Leonard), on Flickr
  4. I thought it was more cinematic than any other description. Make more for us. there is that mild moodshift mentioned before with the voice.. If you added reverb to it... it might cover up the accompanying notes if the release or decay were too high... so in other words i like it for what it is right now.
  5. http://soundcloud.com/hokum-easementh/f5e4-1
  6. it allows automation resolution down to 1/16 ... so each step can be manipulated across the spectrum. attack, release, filter, and amplitude are automatable. In a more general fashion you can edit the pitch value of imported samples between semi tones from 1-127 like between C and C#... this is small fraction of what is possible.
  7. Jungle: peaceful: rewicking an RDA:
  8. has some iffy parts but enjoyed the experience while driving on a rainy night interstate. 2nd attempt at similar style added some korean girls ambiguity
  9. 1:35 and up on second track post ... followed
  10. crispily delightful th 5 5 5 . . . loved a ton of bits in this. Must tool with this tonight... consumed
  11. It's a long loop for a while... i like melody hunting while waiting to fall asleep... so there's a purpose... Then if i dont go to sleep the surprise change for ending 1/2 or 3rd will kinda jolt me... rinse and repeat till you don't hear what you heard initially. https://soundcloud.com/hokum-easementh/nanoloop-negated-structure IMG_20121219_233744 by theianist, on Flickr
  12. The perspective has been leeched from you... That's real feedback you gave. Thanks for the listens. I actually just finised a track but havent given it a proper listen through... I think it is closer to what i can hear in my head and didnt trasfer like the game "telephone" very much... Will do a post soons.
  13. When describing this others in person... I have said it's like merging joy and sorrow.... The most trying aspect of this is to merge each of those moods that Hoggy clearly saw as separate... because they are... But ideally for me they would somehow fit together so that the listener can apply the sounds in either state of emotion (joy or sorrow) It's also the meaning behind my avatar tag line... "musician's musician".... mainly because i need something to do while im already doing something.
  14. I'm impacted by your comment ... positively of course. Thanks
  15. http://soundcloud.com/hokum-easementh/nanoloop-write-what-you-want
  16. https://soundcloud.com/hokum-easementh/nanoloop-write-what-you-want IMG_20130106_215417 by theianist, on Flickr
  17. http://soundcloud.com/hokum-easementh/nanoloop-tearjerker It may not be impactful for everyone... but it felt like and endless sigh. I forgot to level out the percussion... but I forget about that sort of thing every time.
  18. Your signature image is one of the best most simple graphics ive ever seen. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polarity_symbols .. center positive :) Fantastic... i've been back to backing them btw have to be honest, I liked the first version better. better buildup.
  19. Your signature image is one of the best most simple graphics ive ever seen.
  20. version 2 i did after posting ... Less wait time... kinda jumps right in and playgrounds the rest of the time... squeeker hats more prevalent. https://soundcloud.com/hokum-easementh/060314-1-nanoloop-mist-or
  21. Mostly from being consumed by photography .. Nanoloop on the go gives me all the release I need musically .... until one day i assume. Everyone is welcome to at least skip to 1:50 ish... i really liked what it progressed into... there's like a chip tune esk "defeated but okay with it" feel. I might just make a half pint version. https://soundcloud.com/hokum-easementh/060314-nanoloop-mist-or-might tomat by theianist, on Flickr
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