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  1. It's not another remaster, it's the same one from 2014. Also, according to Skam, the channels were originally fucked to begin with and the 2014 remaster corrected it.
  2. Very disappointed in Valve. This is probably one of the biggest troll moves in gaming history — want more Half-Life? Oh, well you’ve gotta have a VR setup. Sucks to be you if you don’t have one!
  3. There isn't enough time for Warp to load up the hype train with enough coal to get it through their usual 6 week journey though…
  4. I won't hold my breath on that, or believe it now.
  5. More than just a rough start — they're outright lying about the capabilities of the system.
  6. I think this anniversary has been seriously flubbed (from a design perspective, at least). With Warp20 they had another design studio do the stuff (YES Studio) and I'm guessing this was partly precipitated by The Designers Republic being in hibernation mode after, by what Ian Anderson himself had to say about it all, Warp themselves kinda screwing him over. Anyway, it also kind of made sense to have another design studio take the design responsibilities for the 2nd decade of Warp celebrations, because no matter what we all think about classic Warp, those days are gone and a new design aesthetic breathes new (or at least different) life into a visual identity. This was cemented by the subtle but distinct addition of an enclosing circle around the Warp logo…many forget that was a canonical change to the logo, and not just something they did for the Warp20 festivities. So this time around, for the 3rd decade celebration we have…a design language and aesthetic that calls back to the late 90s Warp period. Am I the only one that sees this design decision as a step backwards? I mean, I'll be the first to admit that I'm a tDR fanboy and love pretty much all the design stuff they've been associated with…but this isn't tDR for starters, but most importantly — what happened to pushing forward with the new? It's really cool that people are digging the stuff that's been released so far for the 30th anniversary, and I honestly don't intend my words to sully anyone's enjoyment of it. I just was hoping for something with a bit more effort. I wasn't lucky enough to have been into Warp Records for the Warp10 stuff, but it seemed like that was a big deal. Warp20 was definitely a big fucking deal, and I will always remember that night in Sheffield. Has there even been an "all-star" gig event for Warp30? I guess you could call the NTS takeover such a thing, but meh… I'm not drunk.
  7. Haha Google Stadia With Destiny 2, it’s even more obvious that the game isn’t running at the highest settings. On a Chromecast Ultra, a “4K” stream looked closer to 1080p, and my colleague Tom Warren and I swore that the 1080p streams we were getting in the Chrome web browser looked more like 720p. Initially, Google told us that it was using the highest-resolution, highest-fidelity build of Destiny 2 available. But Bungie later confirmed that our eyes weren’t deceiving us. “When streaming at 4K, we render at a native 1080p and then upsample and apply a variety of techniques to increase the overall quality of effect,” a Bungie rep said, adding that D2 runs at the PC equivalent of medium settings. That explains why the Xbox One X build, which runs at a native 4K and with higher-res assets, looks so much better than Stadia.
  8. It's trying to ape classic tDR stuff from the late 90s, except it doesn't quite get it right. It's like the design world equivalent of Arial vs Helvetica.
  9. Unless proven otherwise, I'm going to assume it is exactly the same as this remaster and reissue from 2014 https://www.discogs.com/Boards-Of-Canada-Hi-Scores/release/6197108 Which is also on 180g vinyl, and was remastered from new recorded from DAT
  10. I still love that film!
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