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  1. I'm going in August, but yeah I'm guessing it's just a basic exhibition. You have to take your own headphones now.
  2. I did. It was okay for normal mundane office software. Anything that required any oomf, it was useless.
  3. I've actually seen reports to the contrary, and considering that quite a lot of artists here will be relying on x86 based plugins and tools, this is a…poor recommendation. Especially considering that people are still fucked over by the end of support for 32-bit applications and plugin support in macOS.
  4. All "Ultrabooks" are thermally throttled, because they're so thin that they have inadequate cooling solutions so they compensate by only letting the CPU attain it's fastest clock speed in short bursts. They clearly took Hicks' advice too seriously.
  5. One for me to check out on the way home today! Hope you're alright Phil!
  6. I thought Apple did this though? Wonder how they're getting away with it… Ohhhhhh. They're Apple.
  7. Indeed, I am guilty of the misnomer. The fact that it is deemed a "limited series event", along with what I said about my interpretation should kinda spell it out.
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