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  1. New parameters may take some time to digest.
  2. At the end of the day, this is a gesture from the band. I could be mistaken as I've not seen the email (where it's come from, more context etc) but I would imagine that this is something they've sorted out themselves. Patrons are still well within their right to request a refund from the venue / ticket seller, and I'm sure that many will.
  3. We should think about what presents to send The Brothers, so we're prepared for when they do grace us with liquid silk in our ears.
  4. You're a funny guy, @cruising for burgers. I like you.
  5. I may have already mentioned it before, but nodezsh reminds me of some of the music Elliot Goldenthal made for Demolition Man, the sparse percussion really tickles that. Fucking ace track.
  6. fucking yes, I still love that cover
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