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  1. I like this album a lot more than Wave 1, and the prior one to this. Like the tone of this one a lot more, nice work Seth
  2. I know Richard Brook is part of NMB, I've forgotten the name of the other lad though 😞 Richard released an awesome book a couple of years ago
  3. Took this in a bourgeois shoe shop in Liverpool that I was doing a DJ set in today. Cool mirrored walls on the staircase. Had to.
  4. I'm tempted, however it's an older version of Sound Forge… I wonder if it'd be possible to upgrade from that version to the latest, at an upgrade discount… Edit: Nevermind — it's a cut-down version of Sound Forge 😕
  5. This is really weird — I've been using SSDs as my main drive since 2012, and never had any problems. Are you making sure you're using Disk Clean-Up to get rid of shit like previous Windows installs? (this needs to be done after every proper update to Windows 10, as well) With regards to these loopholes you're talking about, I'm not sure what you mean? It's as simple as choosing the installation directory during install — The vast majority of programs and applications will adhere to this. There are a few applications that require some further configuration once installed (like Origin, as it still wants to install games to the C drive after you've already installed the client to another). The only other thing I can say which may explain your bad luck: 10 years ago, SSDs were not anywhere near as resilient as they are now. I did a fair amount of research into SSDs before I started using one as my main drive, and in order to get one that was anywhere near decent, you had to be spending serious money. Especially back then, you got what you paid for. If you were only able at the time to go for a cheaper option, it may account for your bad luck with drives dying. I recently upgraded to a whole new workstation machine, and I pulled the 128GB Corsair SSD that had been in my previous workstation since 2012 (which had daily use) so I can use it as another drive for the new workstation, and it's still working just as well as the day I bought it.
  6. oh god, just fucking rename this site weaboo the music makers
  7. 着信ヘンタイスレッド
  8. awesome. you are now required to post in japanese, moving forward. this will be a boon to your education, and will justify your posting aesthetic. i look forward to seeing your japanese posts.
  9. Where's my @Alcofribas review of the new forum?
  10. Didn't realise they taught Arabic in the emerald isle
  11. Ahem, akshually those are photos, not scans @Joyrex But yeah, quite interesting…smells like a fake!
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