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  1. Unfortunately you can't avoid Safari on the iPhone. Even if you download Firefox for iPhone, it's actually using Safari Webview as the rendering engine. There's hope Apple might stop with this restriction, especially after a rather nasty vulnerability that was patched last year.
  2. It's been worn sporadically, so it's still okay I guess. Print is cracking though
  3. I already have my quaristice shirt, no need for any represses of this kthnx guys
  4. But it's just plain texts…
  5. I guess you won’t be buying the Quaristice T-shirt when that arrives
  6. Incunabula is the WinRAR
  7. Ouch, so 32-bit Ubuntu ≤ 16.04 LTS If I remember rightly too, there's no direct upgrade jump from a really old version straight to very latest; you have to upgrade to the next iteration each time.
  8. Fuck me, after what id Software have done to Mick Gordon, I don't think I'll be buying anymore games by them.
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