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  1. Yeah, that's how I felt with the delay announcement for DOOM Eternal — I just hoped that the delay meant the staff didn't hae]ve to crunch as much, and that the game came out less buggy
  2. It's a shame, I'm looking forward to it too… but at this stage, it's pretty much a given that any entertainment "thing" that was part way through production is going to suffer unprecedented delays. I think it was just yesterday that they announced that The Last Of Us II has been delayed indefinitely, film studios are obviously pausing production on films or outright shutting down. It really would be a miracle if Cyberpunk 2077 isn't affected, especially since CD Projekt Red went on record to say that the delay from April to the currently public release date would still have crunch time involved.
  3. Yeah, and that's extremely likely to be delayed again (game was originally meant to be out this month).
  4. There's no way that Cyberpunk 2077 is coming out this year. Expect another delay announcement.
  5. To be fair to Ade, that was outside of his control
  6. It's solid gunplay, and the special abilities really push it up a notch. In fact, looking back on it, you can see how Rage 2 was a bit of a precursor to DOOM Eternal because of the extra keys you gotta press to execute moves (it's similar to the way to you have to use flame for armor, ice for health, and chainsaw for ammo)
  7. I really enjoyed Rage 2, it is definitely much better than the reviews gave it credit for.
  8. All I can think right now is — fuck me, I want a modern retelling of Quake I with a similar passionate focus.
  9. There are plenty of people saying negative things about both the modern DOOM and DOOM Eternal at Doomworld.
  10. Explain then, why the email says "CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR DIGITAL GOODS" And I have received no further email? Are you Trent Reznor, since you seem to know so much?
  11. Still not working for me with ublock disabled, and in a different browser
  12. I am clicking the link for both releases… it just spins.
  13. And when you click the link, it just spins…
  14. Same for me, I guess their servers are getting hammered. Try again later? I thought it was an issue with Firefox containers, but it's not as I get the same from Chrome
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