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  1. I am totally going to bootleg some Aphex Twin drukqs vinyls and write on the sleeve in helvetica "WARPLP92X Official License" It is guaranteed to work.
  2. I currently have someone in the UK who is seriously offering to take the whole lot off me all at once, so I should know more about whether that's a legit offer over the next few days. I'll keep you all posted. Due to the trouble this is all going to be to sell off individually, I can't not consider this if he makes a reasonable offer for the entire lot.
  3. diatoms, you can have just Akunk for £1000 even. I hope you find this acceptable.
  4. Mind is made up, it's happening lad! As for Analord, if I sold the whole lot minus the binder, I'd be stuck with a binder I can't sell. The stuff I have that I don't love, that's generally stuff that doesn't really sell! I gotta be ruthless
  5. Yeah, I love that album it's fucking awesome. Got hooked on it because of MTV2 in my teens, Hooch music video. MBM Kasm 2.2 is deffo not actually gonna sell for £70, whoever has listed that is high on something lol. That repress of Loveless is super nice, and seemingly rare as fuck now since MBV site has been down for the best part of a year
  6. Ah, shit I forgot to post in the 1st post — the VHS Head promo VHS tape is not for sale for obvious reasons
  7. I guess you didn't notice I gave it 1 star 😋
  8. Hey all, So I've not really played my records for a while now, and I'm currently in a position where I would like to move. I have too much stuff though, and I would rather not have to lug it all around (and that's even if I'd have enough space to put it all into a place). Ergo, I'm gonna say it was nice to have this stuff, but it's time to move on! I would prefer to sell to people inside the UK, for obvious postage cost reasons, but I'm not against selling outside of the UK. Literally anything on my Discogs is for sale My Discogs Collection (Analord complete set, Drukqs limited vinyl, Aquarius 7", The Tuss, Scald Rougish tape boxset, etc) I'm also selling my Technics 1210M5G turntable, and my MOTU Ultralite Mk4 audio interface (although those will definitely be UK only because of how massive and heavy they are). I'm not looking to take the piss with prices, as I want to be realistic and actually sell this stuff, so if you are seriously interested in something I have and would like to discuss, please PM me or something.
  9. Yep, Phil is great — I think I had a reply to an email within minutes when I was just making an enquiry. I haven't even needed to request their extra strong packaging, since they do such a fucking awesome job with their standard packaging. I've never ever received a record from them in one of those stupid thin and floppy "card" envelopes. Unfortunately in my experience, I've had quite a few problems with Blerp — both from an order-fuck-up and customer service perspective. I only use them now if they are the only option available.
  10. I trust Norman Records — they package brilliantly, and even offer the option to have the records removed from the outer sleeves to stop split spines in transit. There are reasons why many of us call it Blerp, not Bleep…fuck-ups with orders is definitely a main one.
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