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  1. A My Bloody Valentine and BoC collaboration, being distributed via Valve's distribution system Steam. MBV Time + BoC Time + Valve Time = ∞
  2. It’s been like this for about a year now
  3. Installing the new Prey now (I'm old school, I have the original Prey too and it's fucked up that there's no way to discern between the two in Steam)
  4. Finally completed Rage 2. The game in and of itself is pretty fun to play, especially when you have all the weapons and abilities. That ending is fucking shite though, just as shite as the first Rage. I guess it's cursed? DOOM ETERNAL AWAITS…
  5. Honestly — it's not a good idea to assume anything where USB Type-C and USB 3.0 are concerned. Check the technical specifications for your computer and make sure that it is compatible with stuff you're buying. USB Type-C is the stupidest thing ever conceived.
  6. Nope, that does not mean you can run a Thunderbolt soundcard — this is exactly why this race towards everything supporting a USB-C connector is a really fucking stupid idea. USB Type-C is a physical connector, which is being used by multiple protocols. As such, it isn't a standard at all. So what it means is that if you buy anything with a USB Type-C connector, you had better seriously geek up on tech specs and make sure that anything you buy to connect to it is 100% compatible, otherwise you could physically damage both devices (I mean, fire and flames and fumes). USB-C and Thunderbolt are not the same — they just share a physical connector. And even then, because the pin-outs are different, there is the potential to literally fry devices by plugging one into the other that isn't supported.
  7. Pretty sure they don’t exist
  8. Nah that's not accurate at all, in my opinion. It's not even running on an id Software game engine (most people assume it's id Tech 6, but it isnt). The gunplay doesn't feel similar, the game mechanics are different, etc. It does, however, feel like an evolution of what Rage was, but much better. The scenery just looks great, and the skies in particular are rather nice, especially at dusk.
  9. But my method of accessing the board at the time of the fuck up is via iPhone. Your solution is therefore fucking useless. Thank you very much.
  10. How can I hit the Esc key on my iPhone?
  11. Autechre VHS Head Phono Ghosts / Meatbingo / Neil Scrivin White Mask S>>D Lo Five 36 EOD My Bloody Valentine Joy Division Nine Inch Nails Ben Frost The Tuss Polypores Alessandro Cortini Pye Corner Audio / The Head Technician SDEM /Tom Knapp Scald Rougish SND Kraftwerk Dean Hurley Angelo Badalamenti David Lynch
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