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  1. Thanks for saying so! A lot of people that frequent Flickr would disagree with you, and base that on inconsequential things like noise in the image, image blur, slight unsharpness, etc. Flickr, in my experience anyway, is a breeding ground for armchair experts to pontificate on minutiae that ultimately either doesn't matter or completely detracts from the whole point of photography for me — an image that makes me feel something. But now I'm pontificating so I'll stop. You are correct though in that Flickr, at least used to, have a fairly professional userbase.
  2. Bearing in mind that "Last Seen" just simply disables the timestamp of when you were last seen at the top of the chat message. It doesn't turn off the "Online" signifier when that person is actually online and you happen to be looking at that chat thread.
  3. Nope, the online status is always enabled, you can't turn that off. You can deffo turn off receipts, and typing indicators, but not the online indicator.
  4. Also, it is possible to track whether someone is "Online" on WhatsApp, since this information is accessible publicly, and there's no way to turn it off. This has created a cottage industry of sites and services that will let you "snoop" on people to see if they're online at the same time as someone else, usually marketed towards partners who think they're being cheated on
  5. WhatsApp terms update looks like there's a bit more on it here, but basically it's still coming, and I'm still not okay with it. Fuck them.
  6. Not really, I meant for getting paid work you know? Flickr is just a place where you get "Internet Photography Experts" critiquing why you've taken a shot above base ISO, etc. Yeah I definitely agree on this — somehow having an active and prolific Instagram account has become the de-facto yard stick of whether someone is good or not. It's bullshit, and I'm not playing to it. If you get work through it, that's awesome news great job. But for me, the constant producing of "content" is bullshit. Elaboration (article is back from when the original deadline was sometim
  7. I just realised I was meant to tag @J3FF3R00 not @Dragon (sorry man) I clearly am having a bad day, sorry everyone
  8. I deleted my Facebook a couple of years ago now, after tentatively bringing it back into life in the hopes that it would assist in networking for photography stuff. It didn't, not really. I do not miss it, and it hasn't negatively impacted my life not having it. My Instagram account is essentially dormant. I have about 2 photos on there so that it looks like it's not a lazy bot, and I use it to keep an eye on friends photos etc. I am considering deleting it because of the same concerns you have @Dragon pretty much. This one will be a bit more difficult for me to delete because of contact
  9. oscillik


    I think Untilted might actually be my favourite Ardidger albumen
  10. Manipulated photo. The earth is obviously flat, so I dunno why you added a curvature unless you're part of the lie machine
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