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  1. Nope, it wasn’t sloppiness — it was an intended feature of the Facebook system. Facebook just feigned that it was an oversight so it would get them out of some extremely boiling hot water. They knew exactly what was going on, and they knew what data could be accessed on individuals through this system. but we’re digressing a bit, so I won’t go on about Facebook too much.
  2. I guess you don’t remember the Cambridge Analytica scandal, where Facebook is concerned? To be clear — Facebook absolutely sell actual user data, not anonymised or anything like that.
  3. Digital setup — Fujifilm X-Pro3, XF35mmF1.4 and XF23mmF1.4 prime lenses. Analogue setup — MiNT SLR-670s (modified Polaroid SX-70), Polaroid Autofocus 660, Polaroid Lab.
  4. I just tried it out, and I gotta be honest — I'll likely be uninstalling it. Screen space available to see the threads is vastly smaller than if you load the website in Safari, it's really quite slow to load forums / sub-forums / threads, and it doesn't seem to have as granular a selection with regards to the unread content streams.
  5. Thanks man. I rewatched Eraserhead the other day, so more monochromes should be coming. Summer lends itself more to colour work, for obvious reasons!
  6. Max Payne 3 is the best one. Not sure why you're talking about it being disappointing due to not being open world — neither of the prior games were open world.
  7. Just spoke with Ade — the album is basically done, and will hopefully be coming out this side of 2020. He's eager to get it released so he can get to work on new stuff again.
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