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  1. Ohhhhh shiiiiiiiiiii
  2. Dunno what book store you worked in, but for example, the Daido Moriyama book Record is £50 at RRP. $80 for an art book is not an extortionate amount of money.
  3. If I remember rightly, the Acorn Electron was basically a consumer version of the BBC Micro, which Acorn Computers also manufactured. It ran BASIC, and I had to load games from tapes (like you do with the ZX Spectrum). ARM is something to do with Acorn Computers, too…so yeah, pretty interesting.
  4. Systems I grew up on, in order of use: Acorn Electron Atari 2600 (aka 2600 jr) Nintendo Entertainment System Commodore Amiga 500 and 1200 Sega Mega Drive Super Nintendo Entertainment System Commodore Amiga CD32 Sony Playstation And then, various 386, 486, Pentium PCs that I scrabbled together. All these were systems I used before leaving school (16 here in the UK)
  5. Boards of Canada web-stream, live from the bunker.
  6. Surely you mean David Bowie's Crystal Japan?
  7. Honestly? I don't care if they never release any new music again. What does irritate me is this continued trolling, and that is exactly what it is now. The moment that Boards of Canada were going to be involved in this, both the band and the label would have known that there would be rampant speculation if they didn't stipulate exactly what their contribution would be — so they played coy. In fact, I would argue that they played up on it entirely by being cryptic and not specifying that it would be a mix (don't start splitting hairs with the whole "selections" thing either). Also having their contribution towards the very end builds speculation that it's going to be "something special", and whilst arguably it was something special, it arguably wasn't what the vast majority of fans were hoping for. So what happened happened — yelps from Believers of The Brothers every time a warbly synth came on. it's just, like, what's the point in perpetually doing a gotcha? So you're going along with the trolling too eh @Joyrex? It's disappointing, but not unexpected.
  8. So. No new BoC. As expected.
  9. oscillik

    Warp Tapes WAV

    Well, they did — that's why they were sent to Warp as demo!
  10. oscillik

    Warp Tapes WAV

    Same here, the sound palette is proper awesome sauce
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