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  1. Some of these shots are with my phone, some are with my camera.
  2. Unfortunately, as with anything, you get what you pay for. If you don't want to pay any money, your best bet for photo editing is likely going to be Snapseed. That's actually running on an image processing engine that is in the Nik Collection, as Snapseed came out back when Google bought Nik (DXO now owns Nik and the collection software for PCs and Macs is no longer free). Paid/Subscription stuff that's really worth having: Halide camera (this camera app is fucking awesome, really is the best there is I think). Lightroom (syncs my film simulation presets from my computers so I've got access to all my paid-for presets) Darkroom (has some integration with Halide, and implements a different grain algo) VSCO (Has some free presets, but most of the good ones are either one-off purchase or part of their VSCO-X subscription)
  3. I use a variety of stuff for grain, but those ones I used ColorFX Pro, which is part of the DXO Nik Collection. I’ve found that gives the nicest look grain, as opposed to Lightroom which just looks like an overlay when you add grain.
  4. Which aeheads don’t rate this album? They need a good talking to…
  5. Gordon is awesome, we’ve had him on at Emotion Wave nights. Top bloke Also. He’s not new really, he’s been releasing stuff for years under his Dublock alias 👍 worth checking out
  6. I do gotta say — I can't ever imagine trying to play Quake on a controller, but I'm a boomer, so…
  7. It has a flash animation on it that plays a Lego Feet track. It also has a couple of other things on it. just a curiosity that some people might wanna have a look at.
  8. Got hold of a forensic floppy disk imager, so did the thing with this and put it up on archive.org As this was a "flyer" for the 10th anniversary, there shouldn't be any issues with making this available however if I receive instruction to remove it, I shall comply https://archive.org/details/skam-0_1-century-celebrations
  9. Yeah they've done a good job with it; modernising it enough (better shadows, fog effects, etc) but nothing looks out of place or makes it look weird. Some Quake source ports can push things too far and it detracts from the old school feel. I think this gets the balance right.
  10. This has been done by Nightdive Studios (same people who did the DOOM 64 PC port) and it's extremely well done. I'm very impressed with this reissue, so far.
  11. oscillik


    That was only for the "weeeeeeOOOOOWwooooooo SPONG" bit at the beginning, tho
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