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  1. shit, wasn't even 30, sad. i remember having some weird late night convos/interactions with the guy in chatmm/discord over the past X amount of yrs, and his posts here. strangely i can't actually remember them, but just the impression that i had that he might be one of those wacky lsd chemists out of an indie movie. the ones who seemed to live in an entirely different world and you wonder what living there for just a day would be like and if you could handle it. easily one of the most interesting guys around. RIP salv

  2. @beer badger

    it's all the kind of gloomy but also sombre and slightly alien 'dark' pads and melodies in the background (appropriately smothered with reverb), which create kind of an ambience/soundscape with a moody edge. is why people like it. it's like the last album they made as actual human beings with anything resembling human emotions, before they became completely assimilated and put out albums composed solely of metallic squinks and farts that were thrown into a blender. metallic squinks are still cool, and all...

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  3. i'd actually like opinion(s) on a part in this unfinished wip. i'm touching up an old mix by overdubbing things over it, but there's a small section where i didn't like the notes a synth was doing, so my 'solution' was to chop up that part of the track. i'm just wondering if anyone thinks it 'works' at all, or if it just seems too out of place since that's the only place in the track where anything is choppy. the section in question is 1:28 to 1:36.

    basically i'm wondering (for anyone's opinion on) if it's ok as it is, or if you think i should try to improve it by doing more edits (thinking about removing a couple of sections where it repeats) with the chopping, OR if the whole idea of having chopped stuff there is just bad.


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  4. i'm not just talking about some priests, i'm talking about the vatican itself. which seems to have been supportive of molesting kids. and they're still doing the same shit, what a joke https://apnews.com/ae64aa69d90043caaa38e52ee58eae2c


    why the fuck is this even legal? why isn't the church held accountable for covering this stuff up and not turning these guys over to police? why do they get to 'police' themselves? anyone else touches a kid, they go to JAIL. not if the pope has your back tho


    aanyways. i'd be interested to glance at the library to see if any of the apocryphal (doubt it?) texts are in there but i'm sure it'd be in languages i can't read. plus you know they're keeping all the secret, illuminati shit in the vault

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  5. mmhmm. probably so. but the bigger problem is when 'upper management', all the way up to the vatican, actively engages in covering it up. they'd just move priests who got caught to other places instead of turning them over to local authorities. by covering it up for so long and literally protecting offenders, the vatican was essentially endorsing the behavior and ensuring it continued on a massive scale. to be fair.

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  6. one of my first tracks, originally made in 1999. the music is all mostly the same as it was back then but i've enhanced the mix a lot. prob gonna go on a comp of my older stuff if i can ever finish it..

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  7. i guess my biggest issue with untoward2 is the drums, but i'm prob a bit biased against those boxy, EDM style sounding drums and the beats are maybe a bit too simple for my taste... but the groove in monstar bomb is pretty nice and call to prayer gets pretty cool around 5 minutes in with those arps

    the whole style youre building here with the big cinematic strings and pads is kinda weird (but that's good, better than being like everything else anyway), but interesting to me and i think if you keep refining it it could be special one day. i do feel some of the sounds are maybe a bit too emphasized in the mix, there's a lot of really hyped up super bright sounds going on (in most of these tracks) and it gets pretty chaotic sometimes. id like to see/hear more some lulls and buildups, just some more dynamic compositions i guess, with this stuff. dreagans bane is pretty chill mostly though, and nice

    kind of reminds me of aphex's icbyd in terms of vibe i guess..

  8. my main problem with damogen was that even unlike ufabulum (which it was definitely a progression of), it seemed to lack dynamics, in both composition and intensity. the tracks just seemed like a constant assault of LOUD stuff happening (long intense  jams), usually without buildups or progressions. been a while since i've listened tho

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  9. 18 minutes ago, andrd said:

    At least it's only $6 extra if you buy it as a bundle with the album.

    ah nice. didn't notice that.  thanks for the heads up. not sure i'll get it but maybe

    edit- actually from bleep the shipping is like 13 so it ends up being the same as if i buy the single separate at amazon for 15 so im prob gonna pass on that

  10. 6 hours ago, markedone said:

    odd collection of tracks.. ive already been rinsing pancake lizard for the nearly 2 decades its already been officially released.  radiator alt is great but i associate too strongly with saw2, which is also already released.  slo bird whistle sounds more like a caustic window interlude. p-string im probably most excited for, but again already released on another compilation that it arguably fits better on (TRP006)

    agreed. this is honestly a pretty lame release. bird whistle is really just not very good, not good enough to be one of four tracks on a vinyl that will cost ~$25 including shipping. and when only one of the other tracks wasn't really available widely.

    just seems like a lazy release. they couldn't compile some other rare things into a decent tracklist?

  11. pretty great stuff as always!

      "and deliberately shitty saturated sound with no high-end. "

    pretty sure you (fortunately) failed at the no high end part. the 2nd one is just a bit muffled sounding but definitely still has some high end, and the first one i would never listen to and think anything like 'gee wheres all the high end'. but anyway they sound as they should sound so it's all good.

  12. pretty nice. not super recognizable as a cover... i haven't listened to saw 2 in criminally long though (i actually like to keep it kind of special and not overplayed though). but i don't think that's it. you've changed enough that this is almost its own thing. anyway, sounds pretty nice.

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