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  1. agreed. this is honestly a pretty lame release. bird whistle is really just not very good, not good enough to be one of four tracks on a vinyl that will cost ~$25 including shipping. and when only one of the other tracks wasn't really available widely. just seems like a lazy release. they couldn't compile some other rare things into a decent tracklist?
  2. pretty great stuff as always! "and deliberately shitty saturated sound with no high-end. " pretty sure you (fortunately) failed at the no high end part. the 2nd one is just a bit muffled sounding but definitely still has some high end, and the first one i would never listen to and think anything like 'gee wheres all the high end'. but anyway they sound as they should sound so it's all good.
  3. why dont i see anyone in the crowd sucking each others cocks like we used to do back in the day
  4. pretty nice. not super recognizable as a cover... i haven't listened to saw 2 in criminally long though (i actually like to keep it kind of special and not overplayed though). but i don't think that's it. you've changed enough that this is almost its own thing. anyway, sounds pretty nice.
  5. ive had this one on my HD for a cpl yrs now but i did just cassette tape-ify it. pretty sure im gonna do a album kind of thing with this and the other modular ones and some others
  6. you can get actually pretty decent sound from cassette, depending on the tape you use and the deck itself. type IIs are the way to go for less muffled treble, or even type 4s for the best performance there, but those are fairly expensive. but keep in mind that afx said that lots or all of the first selected ambient works, and SOSW, were taken from cassette tapes. one time i posted here that i noticed for the analord series, he listed, i think at rephlex records website, that he used an elcaset, which i'm sure isn't what he used for the SAW/ambient stuff, but he prob acquired it later (and apparently used for analord stuff). it's a deck that takes special, bigger (and kind of rare) tapes, and runs at twice the speed of normal cassette and is said to sound more like reel to reel quality. a few of the standard cassette decks can run at double speed too, and i've had 3 of those decks, and they do actually extend the freq response all the way to 20khz and usually lower the noise floor in double speed mode. the four track tape machines used by people to make bedroom demos etc can usually run at double speed too, but i'm talking about standard stereo 2 track decks. there's very few of them that can run at double speed. i've been using one for processing synths and stuff. the one i currently have is a marantz 4020 i think. this one doesn't actually lower the noise floor in double speed mode like the other one i had did, for some reason, but it does extend high freq response. i saw a guy at a tape forum offering to mod tascam 122 mk3 decks for double speed, claiming they gave specs like reel to reel tape after the mod (i kind of believe it because my mk3 is pretty rock solid). he wanted like $1k for the mod... i have a super sexy looking B.I.C. T4m top of the line deck that can do double speed. i had to replace belts which on this deck was a BITCH, and it worked for a short while before eating tapes and i left it there. it sounded INCREDIBLE in double speed while it worked (recorded a couple of cds to it and played them back). some day i might pay to have that thing professionally looked at.. anyway even a standard single speed deck can sound pretty good if taken care of. i originally didn't believe that SOSW was sourced from cassettes but now i do. i also wonder if ICBYD was, since it has that cutoff in the high freqs, but still sounds pretty lush
  7. kind of a remix of a thing i made about 16yrs ago. its basically the same track just beefed up with some analogs (original was all vsts). tbh i kind of disavow this this one is more where i've been lately. together with the one in my last post, these are like a series of special mind control programs i've been developing. don't listen if ur cool
  8. yeah there's kind of a muzak or like shopping mall music vibe (or.. vaporwavey) to everything, except maybe the acid bass. the acid bass still fits in nicely and everything creates a nice chill vibe. good stuff.
  9. this one's an edited and processed synth jam i recorded a couple of yrs ago. have thought about adding some distant, reverby pads, maybe just in a couple/few spots. kind of like it as it is tho and i actually suk at pads so i don't know, this could be final.
  10. by second part if you mean the ending then i could see pads fitting in there. i kinda suck at cool pads tho, but i think that could be really cool. i think the hihats in the first part is a really good idea too. i think what i'm going to do is keep this mix as a more minimal version, and then maybe some time down the road, see how much stuff i can add, and change some of the stuff that's there, so hopefully i remember your suggestions because i think they're pretty good! thx
  11. there's a lot of pretty cool stuff that happens in this jungle track. i feel like the main farty buffery-sounding grungy synth and the stringy synths that come in around 1:40 could both have a bigger thicker sound if they had some (a little) nice bass boost EQ. it sounds like they've got some high passing or just lots of bass cut to separate them from the low bass, and that's a pretty common thing to do, but imo there's plenty of room for that synth to have some (more) bass of its own and still not really interfere with the lower bass. i think it could give the whole track a bit of a bigger meatier sound and more weight. but that's just my 2 cents and mixes are kind of a personalized thing so if it's how you like it then it is what it is, and the track itself is just fine anyway. i'd prob like to see a bit more stereo width too but again that's just my opinion. and too much would be bad. seems like a bit of a combo of some of the jazzy/dnb elements of early squarepusher with the synthwork of tuss, as kind of an inspiration here. not a bad combo..
  12. made everything but the ending of this with psycle about 15yrs ago. beefed it all up recently, and made a new ending part. feel like this is prob my favorite thing i've made at this point. but it's prob also too grungy. every time i play it i hear a lot of stuff that could be added. i've been thinking about adding some arps, and maybe some fast tabla-ish type drums over the ending...
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