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  1. @beer badger it's all the kind of gloomy but also sombre and slightly alien 'dark' pads and melodies in the background (appropriately smothered with reverb), which create kind of an ambience/soundscape with a moody edge. is why people like it. it's like the last album they made as actual human beings with anything resembling human emotions, before they became completely assimilated and put out albums composed solely of metallic squinks and farts that were thrown into a blender. metallic squinks are still cool, and all...
  2. gets pretty cool a little after a minute in
  3. i'd actually like opinion(s) on a part in this unfinished wip. i'm touching up an old mix by overdubbing things over it, but there's a small section where i didn't like the notes a synth was doing, so my 'solution' was to chop up that part of the track. i'm just wondering if anyone thinks it 'works' at all, or if it just seems too out of place since that's the only place in the track where anything is choppy. the section in question is 1:28 to 1:36. basically i'm wondering (for anyone's opinion on) if it's ok as it is, or if you think i should try to improve it by doing more edits (thinki
  4. i was disappointed with damogen but this one seems pretty incredible to me thumbs up
  5. i'm not just talking about some priests, i'm talking about the vatican itself. which seems to have been supportive of molesting kids. and they're still doing the same shit, what a joke https://apnews.com/ae64aa69d90043caaa38e52ee58eae2c why the fuck is this even legal? why isn't the church held accountable for covering this stuff up and not turning these guys over to police? why do they get to 'police' themselves? anyone else touches a kid, they go to JAIL. not if the pope has your back tho aanyways. i'd be interested to glance at the library to see if any of the apocry
  6. mmhmm. probably so. but the bigger problem is when 'upper management', all the way up to the vatican, actively engages in covering it up. they'd just move priests who got caught to other places instead of turning them over to local authorities. by covering it up for so long and literally protecting offenders, the vatican was essentially endorsing the behavior and ensuring it continued on a massive scale. to be fair.
  7. how magnanimous of them. now if only they could stop molesting children, and covering up for it might be asking too much
  8. this is another old (originally 2001) one with lots of recent remixing/eqing and overdubs. its pretty weird and gritty. 2nd half is def the better half
  9. one of my first tracks, originally made in 1999. the music is all mostly the same as it was back then but i've enhanced the mix a lot. prob gonna go on a comp of my older stuff if i can ever finish it..
  10. been a while since i've seen raiders but i could see the resemblance when that sound came in, and it did have about the same degree of ominous quality to it. nice
  11. tv didnt look that bad, it's probably from a shitty vhs tape. also that's not really what i would call 'early mtv'
  12. i guess my biggest issue with untoward2 is the drums, but i'm prob a bit biased against those boxy, EDM style sounding drums and the beats are maybe a bit too simple for my taste... but the groove in monstar bomb is pretty nice and call to prayer gets pretty cool around 5 minutes in with those arps the whole style youre building here with the big cinematic strings and pads is kinda weird (but that's good, better than being like everything else anyway), but interesting to me and i think if you keep refining it it could be special one day. i do feel some of the sounds are maybe a bit too em
  13. that butthole surfers album was so good. i dont care what the OG fans who shunned it say
  14. nobody ever mentions Mutations but that album really grew on me back when it came out. at first i was like wtf is this, but its actually really good. prob even deeper than odelay in the sense that its a bit more serious and moody...
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