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  1. yeah there's kind of a muzak or like shopping mall music vibe (or.. vaporwavey) to everything, except maybe the acid bass. the acid bass still fits in nicely and everything creates a nice chill vibe. good stuff.
  2. this one's an edited and processed synth jam i recorded a couple of yrs ago. have thought about adding some distant, reverby pads, maybe just in a couple/few spots. kind of like it as it is tho and i actually suk at pads so i don't know, this could be final.
  3. by second part if you mean the ending then i could see pads fitting in there. i kinda suck at cool pads tho, but i think that could be really cool. i think the hihats in the first part is a really good idea too. i think what i'm going to do is keep this mix as a more minimal version, and then maybe some time down the road, see how much stuff i can add, and change some of the stuff that's there, so hopefully i remember your suggestions because i think they're pretty good! thx
  4. there's a lot of pretty cool stuff that happens in this jungle track. i feel like the main farty buffery-sounding grungy synth and the stringy synths that come in around 1:40 could both have a bigger thicker sound if they had some (a little) nice bass boost EQ. it sounds like they've got some high passing or just lots of bass cut to separate them from the low bass, and that's a pretty common thing to do, but imo there's plenty of room for that synth to have some (more) bass of its own and still not really interfere with the lower bass. i think it could give the whole track a bit of a bigger meatier sound and more weight. but that's just my 2 cents and mixes are kind of a personalized thing so if it's how you like it then it is what it is, and the track itself is just fine anyway. i'd prob like to see a bit more stereo width too but again that's just my opinion. and too much would be bad. seems like a bit of a combo of some of the jazzy/dnb elements of early squarepusher with the synthwork of tuss, as kind of an inspiration here. not a bad combo..
  5. made everything but the ending of this with psycle about 15yrs ago. beefed it all up recently, and made a new ending part. feel like this is prob my favorite thing i've made at this point. but it's prob also too grungy. every time i play it i hear a lot of stuff that could be added. i've been thinking about adding some arps, and maybe some fast tabla-ish type drums over the ending...
  6. if you just buy some spaghetti noodles and cook those and add some off the shelf spaghetti sauce, maybe some hamburger mixed in, it's at least 3x better than spaghetti factory and probably cheaper. for a place called the spaghetti factory youd think they'd have dope ass spaghetti also i think spi's theory about her smiling for the thumbnails is probably correct
  7. It caught me off guard, being more about building ambiences/vibes than about arps that build to an epic climax like on Cro Magnox. It's clear that Ceephax had a specific sound/goal in mind with this, and created something different (than what he's done before). A couple of places reminded me of tracks on SAW1, a little. Not sure it will ever top Cro Magnox (one of my all-time favorites) for me, but I do think it will grow on me more with future listens.
  8. Not exactly 'new', but I personally just found out about it a couple of weeks ago. I had emailed the people running the official Raymond Scott website a few times over the years, asking if they would ever do a sequel to the really good Manhattan Research compilation of Scott's electronic recordings, which was released in 2000. I started listening to that release one night and decided to send them another email. I googled then found the official site, and the contact form and sent them an email asking- not really expecting a sequel to ever be made at this point. The reply I got told me to check the site, and lo and behold the very thing I was asking about and never expected to happen was actually advertised right there. I found that at amazon, they had vinylz for not just this new release, but also Manhattan (which I had on CD) and the complete baby series (which I only had the first cd of). I ended up getting them all. Normal people can just get the mp3s or cds or whatever. I emailed them again to tell them I loved the new one (I think I like it a little more than Manhattan, because there are more tracks with just music and no talking, and much less redundancy than in Manhattan where you get multiple versions of the same thing), and got a reply that it's not selling to well and to spread the word. So that's what I'm doing! New release (actually came out in June) is called Three Willow Park and I believe it covers a later period, with tracks featuring the infamous motown electronium. They also have a link to a .zip containing tons of scans of old annotated document/photo type stuff. I've only had time to glance at it but it's really cool if you're into obscure stuff like that.
  9. also just noticed that the RDJ album at amazon says: "Richard D James Album by Mike & Rich " amazing. how was that secret kept for so long. seems an odd title for another collab tho edit- it only says this in the cart if you look at it in there after adding
  10. http://www.floridatoday.com/story/news/crime/2017/07/20/teens-filmed-mocked-drowning-man-cocoa-police-say/495518001/
  11. tuss was mastered by a mastering house originally wasnt it? i'm guessing he's been mastering these SC/new(old) tracks himself. seems kind of doubtful to me that he'd also remaster tuss himself. possible i guess.
  12. I was scheming on getting both ICBYD and RDJ albums at amazon from the links in the OP, but I noticed that ICBYD says this in the info on the product page: Label: 101 DISTRIBUTION The other 3 all say Warp there. Seemed weird so I searched and found this https://www.importitall.co.za/Richard-D-James-Album-ap-B008RZ0KL4.html which seems to link 101 distribution with 1972. So ICBYD at least, seems to be a bootleg.
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