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  1. Yeah you're right If all the BoC fans in the world bought a brand new copy of Geogaddi, BoC would overtake Lady Gaga in the charts They are hidden but all over
  2. Guys who pretend to be friendly & non-threatening to girls but are really emotionally stunted manipulative weirdos looking to score. Haha yeah lol I know a few guys like that They're not as bad as the girls though who play adult at 5 then grow up to be respectfulness bitches who don't refrain from eating men alive because they think it makes them something lol then complaining about men doing the same thing I've known a few of those as well and they're worse than the Nice Guys
  3. Do you ever meet strangers on the street who like IDM Today after school I saw a guy with an Aphex symbol shirt and before I could say "Hey, nice shirt," he said "Dude I like the shirt" to my BoC shirt. This has only happened about two other times I find it unlikely that even 1% of the population is exposed to IDM
  4. I guess it's growing on me.
  5. its a starship galactica pacman thats not idm
  6. Why did u make a new WATMM symbol I like the old one better Change it back oplease
  7. I suggest you also get high quality coarsely grated horseradish Do not buy the mayonnaise semen sauce they sell in plastic bottles. Get the stuff in the glass jars. It will increase your mastication experience while consuming a sandwich ten-fold
  8. i dont understand why am i to be banned i just want to know to prevent myself from being banned ive used th is forum for years but didnt make an account til now why will i be banned ???
  9. Why did you ban Maximus Mischief Sup Hathathathat ???? i dont understand
  10. I live because of all the future BoC, Ae, and RDJ albums.
  11. I live for that moment of unconsciousness before you fall asleep What do you live for
  12. u mean the tank he parks inside his bank or his mothers house
  13. Because that would be stupid and nerdy So those forum people wouldn't be interested in it
  14. Yay now you're getting way old How much do you weight?
  15. Maximus Mischief was my favorite Why
  16. Put lemon juice on the sticker and heat it up with a hair dryer If that doesn't work, throw it in the fire The secrets will be revealed
  17. http://forum.watmm.com/topic/69994-anyone-hear-about-this-internet-censorship-bill/
  18. I want to buy some music before SOPA may come into reality and I want to know some IDM/Musical essentials What are some albums that are a MUST HAVE? Excluding Rdj/Ae/BoC of course as I have all that. Corrently buying Squarepusher's discog and might get a bit of VS (blasphemy I know, buying VS...)
  19. Record labels should make downloading all their music 100% free But you have to watch a 10 minute advertisement for each album download I read somewhere that online radios make more money off advertisements than a lot of record companies' profits. Idk where.
  20. Do I just not know how to play or is my Minesweeper broken...? See there are 2 mines adjacent to a 1 Another instance There are 2 mines adjacent to a 1. Isn't there supposed to be 1? ???
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