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  1. someone has been uploading their last few years' of stuff onto YouTube. nothing new yet, but seems like prep and the new stuff is probably being uploaded as well, just not released. & last.fm plays slowly growing. i guess sch.mefd 2 sucks, they should've just put out sch.mefd 1 instead, original is always better.
  2. just weird... still looks totally fake to me. think i've seen it before now in fact but idk. still like seeing any purported videos tho so thanks 🙂
  3. yeah need a source, looks fake af. maybe good for a movie i guess but pretty bad for real life
  4. ^agreed on the Terry Date and previous mentions about the album sounding good but still having space for the instruments and to vibe. that said, i only listened to it on YouTube so i imagine it really does sound actually good on some high quality listening format. i had good but not great first impressions. it sounded certainly better than Gore, but that's not a difficult achievement. a few tracks did stand out tho, so i'm hopeful some further listens will bear it out to be an album worth picking up.
  5. auxien


    man there’s a lot of weird fucking textures all over this onesix stuff. listening to Melbourne now, bells and scraping synth stabs and pumping beats and tiny little percussive creatures and just...shit’s weird and good.
  6. it’s actually just a reference to a sentence they’d posted on Myspace back in the day. all underwear that exists can hold rob’s end. there was speculation for a time that it had some larger meaning but it’s probably just a bit of a joke, being ‘cheeky’ get it? lol
  7. as of today/tomorrow or something this is two years old so got it for free for a few days.
  8. Warp will drop a track and an interview or a blimp, and AE might even do some mixes, starting the next week or two. maybe even tomorrow (Monday) but i'd guess probably two weeks-ish. Warp are predictable for the most part. chill out and just meme
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