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  1. auxien


    ^good news! but where are you getting the October 2023 date from? am i missing that somewhere?
  2. oh nice, definitely has a bit of that similar washed out sheen and coloring and sweeping shapes. not familiar with much of his stuff so not sure i've ever seen/heard that, the art is cool tho. not finding any mention of who did the art there.
  3. and here's (one version of) my most recent artwork
  4. ^Chappelle playing the victim doesn't work. i don't doubt he's temporarily inconvenienced regarding the documentary, sure. potato is too hot right now, no one wants it in their hands at the moment. in a month or two or three it'd be fought over of course. trying to capitalize on it and playing the 'am i cancelled or not' schtick feels really icky.
  5. https://earthsky.org/space/this-date-in-science-first-ever-photo-of-earth-from-space/ first (known) photo of Earth from space was taken just 74 years ago today. only 74 years ago, now we've got rich tourists joyriding there and idiots going up just to shoot dumb movies.
  6. nice, i've liked a lot of what you've done in that time but i can definitely sympathize with feeling the need to move past your comfort zone/try different approaches.
  7. auxien


    agreed there, i kinda thought maybe it felt that way to me just because i knew what was likely happening next. i just felt some was a little rushed, but that's not unexpected. yeah, and they spent a little too much time the seeing Chani in the future dreams stuff. i think that follows the book at that point, but it seemed like maybe they did it one time too many. small whine obv. you may be right? i don't have a copy of the book to check on where they fall in the story length, but i believe it's about half-ish or maybe less through? i see what you're saying with the hero's journey plot pacing tho. it felt a pretty good place to stop this film nonetheless. i imagine the next one's supposed narrative focus on Chani may help them slightly condense the story of the rest of book one, following her slightly outside perspective reacting to the story as things rise/fall. but also she's just a pretty important part of the second half of the book so i may be just wildly speculating on that guess. haha without the book i can't check but searching a bit someone online said it's a Salusian mudpot, but can't confirm at all. could just be some idiot referencing some random bit of Dune lore idk. it sure looked cool tho didn't it it was obviously healing him and looked really gross and cool. anyway a few other things: the Baron was really cool/creepy, the floating really was cool, but all the Harkonnen stuff did seem a little too 'evil! villains! bad guys!' the CG was generally really well done. i was kinda disappointed they didn't do any thought voiceovers. that is seriously key in the pacing and meting of information of the book and i think it might've worked for the film.
  8. really nice spaces for both of y'all dudes! looking forward to seeing what you do with it when you get it together fully Tubular. ignatius did you sell all your modular stuff? i thought you had a lot
  9. auxien


    Dune was super fucking good, if you know the book. for the average movie-goer, i could see some of them walking away feeling a bit empty/confused/unhappy/etc. it's only half the story (which is really only 1/3rd of the trilogy....which is really only half the full series ). and the story that's there isn't adequately weighted unless you're thinking well past the screen, or already familiar with the subtext/context/consequences/etc. honestly for the non-Dune (book) fans i'd suggest maybe reading a good summary of the book or watching some videos explaining the complexity of what's happening in the text before watching the film. music and visuals were fucking great. i was okay with the dialogue and casting and acting, mostly good/really good choices. actress playing Rebecca did really well, but i wonder if they played up her vulnerability too much. not 100% sure about the editing...honestly it occasionally felt rushed (but that's probably mostly okay) and some of the plot points didn't land right because of the rushed first half-ish (Yueh in particular). they did a really surprising job of capturing the feelings of scale when it mattered, which was just great, but at times they lost sight of the smaller 'real life' stuff because of that. kinda bummed about a few things we didn't see but the second part is supposedly unofficially being given the greenlight so there'll be more to explore then i guess. only real complaint is that it should've been a limited tv series instead. but the IMAX experience was surprisingly enjoyable so i'm not really complaining.
  10. auxien


    via Twitter: but anyway got tickets to see it tomorrow and not *hyped* but looking forward to it.
  11. https://notyetremembered.bandcamp.com/album/disconnected-trajectories cool stuff in the two tracks up so far, good catchy IDM with uptempo beats. Off the Grid gives sorta video game type vibes on first listen
  12. nice melodic bits along with some good grooves so far
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