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  1. i had a dream last night that’s stuck with me all day (i almost never remember my dreams). it was the future…an unknown companion & i were in an enclosed space. the room was like a cavern & was very, very tall: from above & all around streamed down growths like dead vines or seaweed. these reached down from some vast height, barely any light was there but some amount came through these high streaming growths allowing me to see. the growths were strong enough to grab & lift myself up with but even then we couldn’t see how high up they were. i noticed a curve to the length of the growths that neared the ground below (artificial). we searched the edges of the space & realized it was circular…upon walking & looking up grasping the vastness we came upon thin metallic stairs that followed the curve of the growths ends & lead upwards far past their toe but above we could see. we walked up & slowly rose in the space with the trailing growths just at our shoulders & heads the entire way….the stairs spiraled upwards & inwards quickly. below we could see almost nothing, just blackness that we were standing on before. as the spiral tightened more & the angle of ascent became much more aggressive we began to have to hold onto these growths. we slowly saw there was more light behind them & the growths higher felt stronger & wetter, younger. a voice of my companion (up to now silent), or some other voice, began speaking words i didn’t understand but told me this spiral was infinite, as the growths enclosed & the stairs much farther from one to the next we had to grab & hoist ourselves upwards… we started to grab not just hanging growths but the growths’ roots with the spiral not much larger than our bodies & we staggered ourselves, i was higher seeing my companion below with light reflected down onto their lifeless unknown face. the climbing was almost entirely by hand only now, only occasionally touching another stair step which seemed to be tied into the structure itself, not on railings as i remembered before. we both began to shrink slowly as we climbed higher, the growths knotted roots/trunks tangled in the structure’s spiraled cone infinitely rising. i don’t remember reaching the top necessarily but i remember being with the companion near a bright light above holding ourselves against a wall our fingers tight in the growths knotted roots, standing on a step. the companion spoke to me directly now in a soft distant voice saying nothing i can remember or maybe even understood as we looked at the details of the knotting & growths flooded with some light, very bright but still infinitely far above. the light obscured what was above, tho i could still see the knotted surface curving above just past nearest to me. but above just light.
  2. things are seemingly starting to get interesting over there: Protests after an Urumqi apartment fire test China’s zero-Covid strategy - Vox the article goes on to talk about how it's probably going to go nowhere and Xi and the state are making some changes to try and keep things in order...but the last 10-15 years of uprisings of citizens in repressive/restrictive states has shown things may track differently than expected.
  3. i've been using tthe Zoom L-12 LiveTrak for a few years now and it's a great value for the price, i assume most or all of the Zoom recorders have something like this. the L-12 has a slightly more powerful set of options for auto-record, but based on the same idea as that video shows. i don't use the autorecord tho, as i will jam and play for hours or days just writing and listening, and then jam specifically in preparation of a 'recording take' before i actually record. but i can also just activate recording within a few seconds, so i can capture anything almost realtime if things are getting interesting (have definitely done this a few times) ....and also i just use the L-12 as an audio interface w/ my computer for audio playback which i assume would trigger the autorecord. but if you had one of these Zooms as a dedicated mixer/recording device, autorecord might be perfect. playback and deletion of takes/jams to trash them is easy enough on the device and of course the SD cards can hold hours upon hours of recordings so not a problem other than eventually you'll have to sift through all the offcuts. editing and deleting is much easier on a computer tho, in my experience.
  4. nice eclectic mix man. found a couple of new things i'd not heard of before, so a win in my book. (lovely view in the photo too)
  5. lol Twitter is falling apart from the inside and Elon wants to infuse it with PayPal energy because he's an idiot who thinks he can get away with fundamentally changing the entire value of the site while also wrecking any and all credit he might've had with the current employees he'd not fired. i hope the rest of the staff all quits on him, but that'd be too perfect. bad thing is he's actually got (well he's echoing, at least...) some good ideas about Twitter that could've worked if he wasn't already tanking it in dozens of other ways. nice summary here: Inside the Twitter meltdown (platformer.news) but that TheVerge link transcript is interesting enough actually too.
  6. will the real Pope Francis please stand up
  7. was that really his whole concession speech? “this is the woman i’m limply banging now, happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas” what a dolt idk that i’ve ever heard or seen this dude but shit his fiancée had more to say than him, maybe she should’ve ran.
  8. sounds ripe for twists and turns in the film adaptation, coming 2023
  9. thank god the Astros won the superbaseballbowlgames because we got this out of it. https://apple.news/A-XyWqRGhSbOppaROkQmDlA im looking forward to the Oliver Stone film about this incident
  10. i think you might be right on it being Khyra, but on quick browsing through i'm not yet able to nail down exactly which section matches, i want to give the whole series a listen now. i'm kind of kicking myself now because i'd seen this CD re-release set being chatted about here or elsewhere earlier this year or last, i thought the art was interesting and i'd heard Kayn discussed before, but i don't think i'd given any of it a listen. might have to pick up the 5-CD remaster set if they do another run, or second hand from discogs maybe. what i'm hearing so far sounds really interesting. thanks for the ID on it!
  11. The Guardian should hire me…i’d cost less to employ than Robert Reich.
  12. oh yeah def, Trump’s teasing an announcement at Mar a Lago next week, and reports are that he chatted with Rs about holding off an official campaign announcement until after the midterms. and we all know the endorsement rallies he’s doing right now are about his ego as much as any ‘endorsement’ he may be granting to the current low level ass kissers in the party. i’m generally trying to avoid speaking/hearing about that fuckhead tho. to me it’s not even an anti-Republican thing necessarily tho…i’m just anti-millionaire/billionaire clowns whose clout is literally being fed by clicks and shares. Trump and Elon’s successes over the last 10 years are by and large fed by their ability to attract negative attention as much as play to their fan base. Desantis is pulling the same too, Ann Coulter, Tucker Carlson, all of it is just grown and grown by the ‘left’ as much as the right. i’ll just keep ranting in here every 6 months about it until one of them accidentally sets off a nuclear war or whatever shit happens.
  13. quick diatribe against Musk's new baby: Twitter's getting more clicks since dingus took it over and turned its shitshow reformation into a news story itself. he knows what he's doing, it's the Donald Trump method (he'll be bringing back Trump any day now too, just wait) so, yknow, maybe stop going to Twitter and linking to Twitter? you're literally helping Musk, every time you load it up, every time you link to it, every time you browse for anti-Musk content. go to Reddit or Tumblr or Mastodon or Insta even ffs. plenty of shit elsewhere to mindlessly scroll and chuckle at.
  14. Autechre Live at Mixing for Radio Nova on 2003-06-28 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive curious as to the source on the 'ambient' track played about 21:45 - ~26:00. track ID anyone? the stuff immediately after is interesting as well. the weirdo 'mega mix' thing ~8:00 - 15:00 is cool enough too.... i think there were bits like that elsewhere in some of their huge 12 hour streams maybe? been a while since i listened to any of those tho also, in searching for a thread on this, i saw some mentions of another Radio Nova mix in 2009 but i can't seem to find anything regarding info on it but dead links. i think someone said it was 'the same as the BBC mix' or something?
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