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  1. ^nice, it sounds really good from all i've heard online. did you get the keyboard version or the desktop module?
  2. ^going to be an intense fucking album
  3. yeah i'm not saying this an issue that's going to happen this election, or any time soon (if at all in my lifetime tbh). but at the end of the day the Dems are 100% as bad as Republicans in doing everything they can to keep the two party system as 'the only way' that things can be. Trump and Bernie's popularity are imo key signs that America craves more diverse options from their representatives, so hopefully things will start to swing that way over the next few cycles. yeah she's okay, but she's not got that big personality and confident approach necessary for a modern president. can't see her ever gaining traction, but on paper she's alright, maybe a decent VP pick.
  4. ^^^that's why we need to get rid of the two party system and overhaul how parties participate in local and national governments so they better represent the American people. maybe even rethink the presidency and congressional makeup/terms, along with judicial term limits and many many many other issues. our government is designed to work slowly, and that's generally good. but it needs to be able to work and also to work quickly when necessary to course correct. we have almost zero means of this now, at least any that actually work. the whole system is antiquated and needs to be reformed.
  5. this unlisted video popped up at the end... Julianna Barwick doing her thing with the same ideas i guess but i guess MS didn't promote the thing with her, odd....anyway, the album with some of that music on it came out last month: and a small write-up from RA about it, i think i'd read something else maybe but can't remember now https://www.residentadvisor.net/reviews/24567 anyway i listen to JB more these days than Bjork so i'm suggesting maybe check her out too. Nepenthe is fucking amazing.
  6. this is a really childish argument and statement so you're either shitposting or trolling or just being ignorant so wtfever dude i see a lot more Sanders shitposters online than i see Warren ones, in fact i rarely see Warren supporters on Twitter/elsewhere at all, much less being shitty like you're describing, but i'm sure it's out there. anyway, i'm seeing this narrative being pushed a lot and it's because i've never seen it an hence it makes me wonder if i'm just oblivious (possible) or it's just a disinfo campaign by pseudo-Bernibros/actual-Berniebros (more likely imo). both Warren and Sanders are trying to do essentially the same thing with health care, which will not matter because the chances either of them gets there AND gets health care through Congress? lolololololol right okay. but i hope i'm wrong and one of them does, truly. Sanders could be replaced with a bullhorn taped to a tape recorder that spewed his same 20 phrases set on random and no one would know a fucking difference. Warren and Sanders are both running nearly identical 'small donations' campaigns (each had plenty of money from big donors in previous years tho) so the 'grassroots' thing is half true, half marketing. you fell for it, congrats. Sanders is so far not working well unfortunately. he's doing absolutely nothing to try and get anyone other than the people who are already for him. he's got about 20ish% in the polls (less than that in many places) and even when there was only the unpopular Hilary to run against he couldn't beat her basically anywhere, and obviously nowhere that mattered, what's the fucking difference this year? more hopefuls to dilute the party interests and a message from him that hasn't changed in 30 years, much less the last 4? Trump did the same basically, but the difference there is the Republicans eventually fell in line and turned out because they hated Hilary more than they liked Trump. that strategy might not work for the Dems in 2020 tho, as it obv didn't work in 2016 with an unpopular candidate in the running (Clinton)....so they need someone who can get the base truly fired up to turn out. i can't see Biden firing anyone up, but hey what do i know. Sanders neither, his message doesn't appeal to half the Democratic party (perhaps because he's not a fucking Democrat) so it's very likely he'd fail worse than Clinton (also because Trump will scream the word socialism about him every day until the election). Yang Gang doesn't need to know logic!!!! $1K dollars in your pocket!!!
  7. there’s far far far more alike between Warren and Sanders than there is different. they very often vote exactly the same in the Senate. they’re probably more alike than any other two Dem nominees, and they’re certainly more akin to each other than either is to any other (current) hopeful. anyone who can’t see that is willfully blinding themselves.
  8. didn't see you pouncing on anyone on the last page with the phrases of a bunch of housewives with a "queen bitch" or the 'clearly sexist' snake terminology being used against Warren. odd, i think both of those times were by males, who were praising Bernie. hm, must just be a coincidence. pathetic libs? try harder. only reason i looked at that account was because Braintree linked it obv. it's quite obv i'm one of the least tribal motherfuckers around here. do you even look at what you're replying to or do you just type random shit? i'm pretty sure it's the latter.
  9. agreed. i often wonder if some of the Berniebro-type accounts are those bots or bot-type accounts, they're very similar in the way they amplify and coalesce very quickly the fact that Biden is ahead in most polls. (the head-to-head polls that've been conducted are a bit weak if i'm not mistaken, but Biden's still among the top there too if not on top as well) edit: also Yang can hardly string a sentence together half the time, he honestly probably wouldn't be too bad if he got the nom, i think his heart may be in the right place, but he's just not got the chops from what i've seen. he's trying to up his status for the most part.
  10. i'm going to invest too much time into this because i'm watch ST: Voyager and you've proved you're ignorant. 1. a substantial amount of any popular democratic nominee's supporters is going to be female: the party is more females than males. but no matter, try again, more Sanders supporters are male than female according to data aggregator: https://projects.economist.com/democratic-primaries-2020/candidate/bernie-sanders/ ....in fact both Biden and Warren show more female support*. hm. 2. i was not likening Sander's supporters to MAGA idiots. i was likening a particular subset of them, overwhelmingly males (seemingly, of course) who fit the type of Berniebro that became popular back for the 2016 election (yes Lada and ignatius they've definitely been around since then, i just don't remember them being so fucking stupid and aggressive as they seem now). MAGA idiots are terrible and likely demonstrably worse human beings because many of them support lots of horrible things, yes. i was more-so comparing the Berniebros to the MAGA idiots in their cult-like behavior i'm seeing online. i made this clear in my second post (which you quoted so i'm assuming you actually read it). i, if you haven't noticed, i like Sanders and would support him for the presidency. in fact, i'd rather him than plenty of others running for the Dem nomination. so to me it seems like you've not read what i wrote and responded based on some kneejerk reaction on an online social platform rather than doing some research and holding off on having someone else's your own opinion until you know enough. i'm not trying to be rude either, just a smartass. i'm seeing plenty of people firing off opinions with zero substance here (many of them Berniebros), as well as on Twitter/elsewhere, which largely has a basis in other people's opinions. many of them are Berniebros. support Bernie all day, go for it, i'll agree with it often. cool. just don't be a fucking asshole about it (not saying you're being one. Zeff, on the other hand...). the #NeverWarren type bullshit is only going to win Trump the presidency (as of now chances are that neither Sanders nor Warren gets the nomination, so everyone needs to chill the fuck out) /notlastpost *edit for clarity: Biden and Warren both show that their female support is a greater percentage than male, the opposite of Bernie's
  11. writers who construct needlessly confusing sentences like this below are the only people who say shit like 'magnum opus' also got the name of the organ album wrong. fuckin dingus writers
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