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  1. relistening to this B Complex set and it's so fucking good. can hear so much buried in the mix, can't imagine how fucking killer the soundboards of all these sets would be. crazy melodic stuff all just coming across in bits here and there.... the fuckin insane bassline/lead arp lasers on 'tracks' 7 & 8, so fucking ace. was listening to a onesix set yesterday and it's just so great in HQ like that. maybe they've got some recordings of this shit they'll dredge up and drop one day
  2. i sing along with "is it washable?" every time. jk but really i do find myself singing along with various bits of Aphex vocal stuff. i'm a dork and a half tho. yeah, 100% this not always ✋
  3. yeah, all true no doubt. if anyone had any doubts about this, the NTS series proves otherwise, the way they pieced together and edited hundreds of tracks down into those choice cuts designed to fit exactly in the 2 hour sessions. that said, they've obviously done plenty of playlisting/mixes/track editing of their own their entire lives so doing a bit of it too with their stuff only seems fair. yeah! i still need to re-do a Quaristice playlist. had a good one years ago but i think i've lost it. haven't played with the SIGN/PLUS stuff yet, still slowly absorbing them as they
  4. first two or three tracks are pretty good for what they are, but the rest sound like b-sides. and not like, interesting, unique b-sides but leftover crap b-sides (admittedly couldnt make it through the last two or so tracks, was bored out of my fuckin mind by then). seems like they were trying to stick to a formula/vibe/sound and they succeeded so they could get good Bleep/Apple/Spotify/etc. exposure. it probably worked.
  5. *sigh* agreed. guess i have to listen to this album again today. damn.
  6. i'd call blasphemy over their older stuff maybe, but with the last ~10 years of releases, it seems too easy and in some cases almost necessary to do this. maybe not the editing tracks (blasphemy! jk) but tracklist > playlist edits is pretty acceptable/normal for everything since Quaristice era, imo. i wonder how long before they just start doing singles regularly. was expecting that with their own bleepstore but that seems to be going out now...
  7. this song made me drunk just hearing it thanks
  8. that is correct, and that is a large part of my point. the difference is that current society has to exist on some kind of monetary system, and the one we've all bought into (the dollar, euro, yen, whatever) is essentially inescapable and is still ruling over the btc and all other cryptos and bitcoin/etc as of yet does not provide any exit strategy, even if they were to take over somehow (which won't happen). you're replacing one shitbag for a different shitbag. getting out of Amway doesn't count if you go right into Herbalife because it's 'new and better! the gains are way easier!' ...it
  9. poor people love the bitcoins. all the homeless people when i would tell them hey i dont have any cash on me they'd start yelling their btc addy at me as i walked away also 'new elite with the creator at the top' for a market that only exists if you buy into (one way or the other, you're buying into it) sure fuckin sounds like a pyramid (Ponzi) scheme to me...
  10. wow, can't believe you're a filthy capitalist dude. crazy. Bernie would be ashamed
  11. i got ya, yeah just not into the Electribes i guess 4 analog voices, 6 digital (2 of which are sample specific). 3 multi (VPM, NOISE, USER) which are supposedly the same as on the minilogue xd or something? idk the architecture of that that. then some effects. just depends on the internal structure of how the voices are routed, combined, etc when used. the menu has four dedicated unlabeled knobs which to me says there's going to be plenty of menu diving options, so it could be a lot more interesting than just what you're seeing on the faceplate. still supposedly in development
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