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  1. *record scratch* narrator's voice: he didn't stop at $100 the next time.
  2. had looked at the X1 Carbons but i think they're a little bit throttled or something? maybe lower power notebook processors or limited RAM slots or something? there was some reason i ended up going with the P1 i'm on now instead of the X1 Carbon i'd looked at. not much help sorry. would be cautious getting any non-upgradeable laptop tho. can almost always find a comparable one that can be upgraded (tho usually at the cost of being less sleek and sexy or something ofc) Live just isn't designed for laptops really in my experience. needs those big multicore desktops to really run at peak performance...this may have changed for Live 10 tho, i'm still on 9
  3. plunderphonics to the nth degree. properly weird
  4. ^art is changed up on the new version, looks good tho. same basic vibe... just glanced at the art for the new version on discogs and seeing that it's got Puppets/Aphids/Boy With Stick tacked on at the end! such great tracks, BWS is a personal fave. maybe my favorite song of theirs in fact? and Matt/et al nerded out for the serious analog-ish-ness for it lol
  5. pretty nice so far with those two tracks. drummer is killin it back there on Oh Henry!
  6. the drummer was sorta the catalyst for them ending the band back in 2000 from my memory, i think he wanted to not be touring most of the year because he had a kid (and i assume got a good job that was a full time thing so) and Matt/others maybe have kids too so...that and DiH didn't do very well sales-wise i think. may've been more to it? lots of Hum fans because Hum fucking rules lmao i don't click anything with Pitchfork anymore, but that lame and obv inaccurate description doesn't surprise me. same, trying not to play it literally every day so i don't burn out on it
  7. thanks ecz/all smashing that mothafuckin like button 🙂 was definitely going for a bit of a thread through, glad it came across as intended. was thinking about doing another mix or two with some portion(s) of the recent stuff i've grabbed since i did this one (splurging a lot the last few Bandcamp days, another one this Friday too oh fuck my wallet...) may take a few hours this long weekend after this week's splurge to do so. oh shit when did you put out new ones ecz? totally fucking missed them. should've PMmed me! will be checking them out dude, good news!
  8. just being technical 🙂 i've studied those liner notes over and over again. total Hum fanboy here which means that yes, i have heard Fillet Show but it's been many years since i hunted it down....probably on Soulseek or something in fact. iirc it was so meh that i listened to it like twice and then deleted the mp3s. i think there was like one or two Hum-ish songs (Hum-ish in that space-rock sorta sound they're now known for) but mostly wasn't very good. i think the other guy was doing most of the vocals on it then, Balthazar maybe? can't remember, but i don't think it's worth going out of your way for from the little i'm remembering. wait why are talking about it, it's on YouTube apparently: comments there are nailing the sound/vibe actually. pretty messy/unformed. anyway Electra rules yeah, a few missteps in there in parts of some tracks but overall love that album. actually the new one sorta reminds me more of Electra in some ways than DiH/YPAA
  9. actually since y'all wanna get technical... the main lineup of Matt/Tim/Jeff/Bryan has been the same on all records since (and including) Electra 2000. the way you stated it there implies someone other than those four were on Electra (according to the liner notes it was just M/T/J/B). though to get even more technical, some/most/(all?) of the songs on Electra were written before it was just M/T/J/B so there could be some writing credits to previous members. 🤓 and also there was a brief stint a few years ago where Gerken from Shiner/others played drums live with Hum but that didn't last but a few shows from what i read. otherwise since '93 Hum has just been those four dudes.
  10. many thanks dude, very glad it’s holding up 🙂 the album is now popping up on streaming sites. Spotify, Apple Music, probably whatever else you may use. stream doesn’t include the little extra that’s only available for those who buy & download on Bandcamp tho...jsyk
  11. i finally realized what it is about this album that keeps it from really connecting with me. it's too soft. like, obviously the compositions are full of harsh/abrasive sounds...but everything has been sanded down. the attacks are all lost, the transients are all shaved off. the hits are all dulled. at first i was thinking it was just a shitty mastering job but i don't think that's it fully, and maybe it wasn't a mistake at all. a lot of the sounds within the compositions are rounded over and weakened. they hit but they don't hit. even when there's some moments of punches, it seems that's where there was a mistake. if you don't believe me listen to something like Rampa when there's these 'big' harsh kicks that just....they're like just sorta plopping in. they're not HITTING. even like the drumbeat that comes in the undercurrent on Rampa at about 4:35, it's all bubbles. it just ends up being a blur. those 'heavy' drums/percussive sounds at like 4:00+ in Raataja, they just sound weak. by 5:00-5:15 it's just a mess. occasionally there are some moments of attacks but just overall, everything is just lost to me. it all ends up sounding like it's washed out and muddied (but not like, low-register muddiness, just all frequencies are blah and mushy) maybe this is all intentionally done for some reason, but to me it ends up losing all dynamics and feeling. entire thing sounds like it's being piped through a series of tubes before it gets to my ears so there's only the aftermath of the sounds...and maybe that's the desired effect? but it leaves me feeling entirely disconnected for the entire album, every track. every time i've listened. i thought it was just me at first but then i realized what was going on and i don't like it and felt like blabbing about it.
  12. I Hate It Too new album is fuckin good.
  13. so is the forum just gonna crash regularly from here on out, or is something going on?
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