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  1. wish Abrams had done the whole trilogy. Oh well, this should fun! be a Star Wars film.
  2. Ah okay, didn’t realize quite where you were in using Ableton! I’ve got a Push V1 as well, got lots of use out of it but don’t use Ableton for writing/recording at all the last yearish so thinking of selling the Push...they’re keeping it up to date as well as they can from what little I’ve seen at least. Glad to help when I can ofc if more questions pop up.
  3. that's just triggering clips. easily done on a push or any MIDI controller with Ableton. and that's just recording a clip (via Push/etc)... you can then of course swap between views with single button presses and record/trigger clips, etc. both are easily accessible via dedicated buttons on a Push :) not sure what else you're looking for exactly. again, not trying to sound condescending or anything at all, but seriously, have you looked into Push with Ableton? it's capable of a LOT right out of the box. as much as you're paying for the combo, it had better be lol... there's also TONS of stuff programmable via very malleable and ubiquitous M4L setups (best ones are paid of course) or programmable on your own in User setups. also good you're^ enjoying and learning with all the experimenting. that's always satisfying :)
  4. no one says 'how are you?' unless they want to give you oral sex. turn this SFWP into an SWA/S and get oral sex performed upon your genitalia.
  5. I haven’t used the ones you mentioned, but I just picked up a Zoom Livetrak 12 earlier this year and can recommend it...saw they have out or about to be out a smaller one, 8 tracks I think? Might be in a similar price range.
  6. one clip per track, yeah very true. had sorta glossed over that pretty key point lol. like you said 8 tracks with however many clips in each (could always duplicate clips if you want into multiple tracks so you can play them against themselves at offset trigger points or whatever). launch quantization can definitely get granular for each clip (tho this does obv take a little fiddling, but you're into that! ) and of course remember there's legato mode which is often overlooked but might come in handy if i'm imagining what you're going for correctly. good luck
  7. only listened to a few tracks so far but it's pretty fuckin' techno/acid. dark and spooky and alien so far. digitals not available via Bandcamp for some reason (but you can listen to it there). Bleep's got digitals for a decent price tho, probably up on other places too. https://bleep.com/release/143002-umwelt-superior-life-forms
  8. really not trying to sound like a jackass or anything, but you've answered your own question here i think. "I would trigger different loops/arpeggios" = you're just describing clips. not sure i see any benefits to doing this in a drum rack wrapper than just setting them up on one track or a group of four tracks (like you describe) but i'm curious what you think would be different by doing it in a drum rack: only thing i can think of is maybe for Push/midi controller performance, i guess? anyway there's this i found but i don't have Max installed at the moment so i can't test it. describes what you're looking for i think? https://maxforlive.com/library/device/3050/clip-trigger ....same author has a Scene Trigger device as well that might be of use. if not, or maybe just if you're looking for more creative ideas, maybe check out Ned Rush's YouTube videos, if anyone's done anything like you're talking about it'd be him. i browsed through a few videos but didn't see anything, so it may not be there. Isotonik may have something as well? been a while since i looked at any of their stuff (or just Ableton in general really)
  9. auxien


    definitely my most listened-to of their albums. augmatic still sounds unreal. and sublimit is a fucking triumph. great album.
  10. ^look absolutely lovely there, hope the reception for them goes swimmingly. Snow Gums and Moon both caught my eye in particular... and also interesting that i'm looking at digital photos of these real paintings that are obv a bit of a meditation on such things. :)
  11. auxien


    state-contracted Chinese communist IDM would probably be pretty fucking good if we're being honest tho
  12. many stupid people who crave fame and power will take it from any direction at all: Trump, Gabbard, perhaps Stein, many others of course.... it doesn't mean they're Russian actors or anything nearly that nefarious: they're likely just egotistical idiots. this can of course get them in very odd situations (Trump cozying up to the most hated leaders despite mountains of evidence that he should keep them at arm's length at best) but i assume in their minds it's better than the alternatives. that's the only reasoning that makes any sense (at least for Trump and i think this carries for what i'm seeing about Gabbard) but of course with some truly stupid fools like Trump, no reason is necessarily valid.
  13. auxien

    Brexit :(

    ^ @BCM now can you work hard on fixing the massive amount of blank space in your signature Well, I'm not going to move somewhere if it's unsure if I can actually stay there more than a few weeks.. couldn't blame anyone for being hesitant about moving to a country with possible serious issues currently happening. if things get fixed then great, country seems lovely in general....but if things don't get fixed, it could be really difficult for the foreseeable future if not long term (especially for someone without roots there). don't think i've seen anyone describe Brexit as just a lot of moaning. hope you're right.
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