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  1. auxien

    I need a DJ name

    DJ That Scene In Alien Covenant With The Flute When The Two Davids Make Out (But With Beats)
  2. lol at everyone taking this seriously
  3. The Band Underoath Dance Gavin Dance The Number Twelve Looks Like You
  4. Similar to what lada mentioned there’s a banner that pops up randomly in New Releases subforum for “formatting your listings” which obv isn’t a big deal but there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to when it appears, I notice it more often on mobile but I think it’s randomly there on desktop as well (iOS mobile Opera, Windows w/Opera on desktop)
  5. now i'm wondering if this question is ironic or not
  6. i'm not interested enough in what you have to say to argue with you imagine seeing Trump for the last two years and thinking anything is going to happen to him re: all this Russia/obstruction/Mueller stuff
  7. hahaha hype marketing creates anti hype buzz that itself promotes the product lol Warp gets us again oh let’s all list shitty acts on warp too because lmao dumb label isn’t batting 1000 fucking idiots have made at least three mistakes in 30 years DOOFUSES ok but when they gonna sell me _____’s new album on vinyl for 70% markup on the special edition, wallet is ready for that 😜😂😵😁🙃😄😇☺️ (s u c k e r s!)
  8. Queen Bey dropping entire albums and music videos and merchandise out of blue on random nights is IDM af and most special tbh (AE does this too with randomly upping 19 hours of livesets like pimps)
  9. there's not much actual shit (Russian conspiracy) to hide. that's what Mueller said. maybe? the ones from a few years back that Maddow got in 2017? 18? those weren't anything special, tho it was the 'simplified' tax returns. we'll probably see the full load at some point, but i'm starting to wonder if it's just more smoke and mirrors and he doesn't have anything seriously hiding in there. ^how many times i gotta explain this to you goDel anyway polls show most Americans are against impeaching Trump as of right now, since after the Mueller report. that's not likely going to be swayed towards impeachment now, months after the Mueller report's been out. simple as that. if they're not interested, Congress almost certainly won't push it. end of story, really. cuss and raise hell all you want but it won't matter. my position doesn't line up really. i think Trump likely should be impeached, perhaps for attempted conspiracy or at least for the attempted coverup/lies/misc stuff that Mueller basically handed over to Congress in his report. Congress should do their job and seriously (in a non-partisan way, lol) look at these things and make the president answer for them. but if you haven't guessed it yet, that's likely NOT going to happen, certainly not in any non-partisan way....which is really the only way to do it and it mean anything at all.
  10. naw, according to an interview, Miyazaki came up with the idea for the game and then reached out to Martin to ask if he wanted to participate in some way, to which Martin 'helped fill out the world and add in stuff' basically. i didn't even see anything saying Martin 'wrote' a damned thing, i figured maybe he'd be doing some of the dialogue or something, as that's likely where Miyazaki/From could use the most help from someone like Martin? wasn't said if so, may be stuff they'll reveal later (Miyazaki did seem cagey about details as usual) but basically, it looks like Dark Souls. which is fine by me. :D
  11. AE_NA Holly Herndon - Proto Kelly Moran - Origin EP Louis Sterling - Adisceda exm - 01411635 Melted_Self - UGEN 0F.Digital - STTC (rerelease) only ones i can think of right now
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