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  1. so the thing is, and i'm honestly not trying to be argumentative or anything, but Udio or whatever other program definitely could re'create' a track with that oddness & uniqueness, easily...if it's fed enough seed material. that's literally all that matters here...take enough seed data, make sure the program is good at finding the connecting aspects of a sound, style, etc., and is able to recreate that sound relatively accurately. i guarantee the general public would choose most any of these Udio tracks posted and claim they're more 'human' than that Aphex track tho. and the thing is, soon enough we won'tbe able to know the difference....we're already there, depending on how we want to define these things...SoundCloud is certainly already starting to get bits of Udio/Suno/whatever i'm quite sure, and Spotify has been battling a deluge of partly/entirely 'fake' artists, of which certainly some are using ML/AI/some amount of software exploitation for the sake of profit. soon enough some jackass 'musician' who was shilling NFTs a couple years ago is going to release their 'AI-assisted' album like it's some big revolutionary/controversial thing. it'll be another Jacques Greene or someone like The Weeknd/OPN or someshit. partly right, partly not i think. McDonald's/fast food has caused some amount of stopping and questioning of the nutrition, care, connection, etc. regarding our interaction with food. obv McDonald's still succeeded...and most don't have that reaction, but that reaction is part of the conversation. but yeah, lots use music exactly like you're saying....just as background. and that's okay, i think? that's gotta be the target market (see previous Spotify mention)
  2. hopefully all this will make people start to really question why they listen to what what they listen to, what it means to them, if it connects them with the artist’s experience/story in some way… some among us will listen to any cringe Aphex-alike just because it sounds like Aphex. you’re about to have infinite Aphex-alike at your fingertips, so why do you want to hear that sound? does it matter if it was a particular artist’s take on the style that you like? or do you not care about the source at all, infinite variations of the same basic idea? do you want infinite variations at all, or just a few more tracks like Windowlicker? is it really just the sounds, that matter whether AI created or not? given the fervor around Aphex/AE/BOC/etc., it’s, at least for many, not *just* the sounds that are important but the innovation, the story, the artist…AI has none of that.
  3. auxien


    ^the screaming from Bautista & one-note aspect of character from Bardem there seemed like some characterization/story/etc. was left out via editing…all that played into my thinking there’s gotta be a more full & fleshed out director’s cut on the way at some point. some characters just get sidelined a touch in these big epic stories…i believe that happened even in the book/s (as good as those are). not an excuse but nonetheless not too surprising.
  4. that's good to hear! a poll is a good way to make those decisions, i wonder if there should maybe be a cap on how many 'featured artists' are available? if there's 50 or 100 "featured artists," is that really a help i guess is what i'm worried about? personally i like the experience of going to the AE subforum with pinned posts, unread threads, etc., or the same for artists i'm not as familiar with like Vibert, i can see the active threads easily for looking into what's popular/recent for that artist specifically...having that for more artists would be good, or any artist perhaps, if that same basic structure/experience could be maintained. idk operationally how that would work tho...
  5. good stuff. the author's right, 'modernity' is going to have to end to some extent or another. 'lifestyle change' is how i usually refer to it, but it's the same thing. the 'all new everything every few years' / 'go everywhere & do everything' way of life is unsustainable at scale. this is 100% certain.
  6. no, but Joyrex has stated pretty clearly that he is regarding new artist subforums. let’s hope he changes his mind one of these days.
  7. nice! the bootleg someone here shared is pretty strong, good recording but i know there's a ton of detail missing...probably won't listen again so as not to sour my memory on it. set flows well, has a bit more separation and playfullness, some more pounding parts and really amps up hard af in areas. def looking forward to them releasing it eventually, some of the new/heavy bits sound fucking tasty in that bootleg (thanks again to whoever that was that posted, great recording!)
  8. Jacquard stands out a bit, sure, but not in a bad way imo. that 'standing out' of it lends itself towards the pseudo-soundtrack concept of the album...you're going to have pieces in many soundtracks that feel entirely apt when watching the film for that scene, but don't necessarily 'vibe' with the overall score. there's plenty of soundtrack-y ideas throughout the album in other ways but that's probably the most stark full song difference. it is the longest track on the album tho so maybe i'm coming at it from the wrong direction, idk... mixing/mastering of this album is so fucking good, it's weirdly raw at times. i really wonder about their balance of being insanely meticulous vs just running with things and trusting their guts when it comes to recording/mixing/etc.
  9. i'm on macOS Ventura still, 13.something. everything works fine. i never updated to 14 when i heard some initial issues with VST/audio stuff and just....haven't felt the need to otherwise. the applications i use are few. i still watch some Windows news and they're injecting AI & ads into every corner of the OS, into Edge, into search, seemingly everything. i believe some aspects are opt out still maybe, but that doesn't seem likely to be the case for many for too long with the dollars being invested. my computer at work, even being on W10 still, i see Copilot (MS AI branding for now until they change it in 6 months) being shoved at me weekly.
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