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  1. just finished listening to this. it's so fucking good, be proud. shit's rich and familiar but also sorta distant and constantly not what you thought... it's really very good. not liked something this much on first listen in a long time.
  2. it's not so bad if you don't really pay attention to it :)
  3. there's definitely less fire behind the Sanders crowd this time, and unsurprisingly so. he doesn't have a shot, barely had one in 2016. Warren is a much more viable candidate with many of the same ideals, but she is, unfortunately for her at this time, a woman. 'Clinton lost in part because she was a woman' is a thing that i'm guessing is in the back of many dem voters (and strategists) heads and so many are likely reviewing these candidates through that lens. Warren or Harris could really show themselves to be frontrunners viable of nudging out old handsy Biddy and dredging up enough turnout to beat Trump, but that's not guaranteed in their (or anyone's, Biden included) case. Bernie's just an old mouthpiece yelling the same 20 phrases over and over ad nauseam who's as much of a career politician as Biden if we're being frank. i rather like Bernie on paper, and i'd be 100% ok with Sanders in the presidency, don't get me wrong, but there ain't no fuckin way he's getting there, period. it's impossible. (personal speculation: everyone in the media knows it and that's why there's this 'bias' against him: they're just, behind closed doors, being honest. he ain't got a path forward.) your point about the top 2 sharing most support is good and worth noting, but some polls are showing Warren and Sanders relatively tied (polls are varying pretty widely still which is unsurprising given the ones i've looked at, relatively small sample sizes, etc)....hell Warren was ahead of Biden in at least one i saw. it's Biden's to lose as of now, and i can see a LOT of paths for him to lose it. definitely biased here because i don't like him, but i really just think it's mostly name recognition/elite support.
  4. any good done isn’t in a vacuum, gotta weigh it against the bad.
  5. ^very true as well goDel yeah, more Dems are 'moderate' than it seems on Twitter. which Biden generally is 'moderate' as well of course, at least compared to the way that the Dems as a whole are shifting. i certainly wasn't implying that he has zero appeal outside of his name recognition/dem elite support, but is he a /better/ candidate than the other more moderate contenders? nope. that's where his name recognition/support keep him out front.
  6. Biden is popular and ahead in the polls because Biden is popular and ahead in the polls. feedback loop. also the dem elite are likely pushing him behind the scenes (he's got the most endorsements of any candidate).
  7. should really rename this to Paradox promo thread
  8. ^fun graphics on those Dpek, really cute. Lewps those are of course great. love the lines vs curves in your style that always gives it a lot of drama and oddness, along with the more obvious facial distortions and such 🙂
  9. OT is certainly powerful, could see your type of music working well on it for sure, loads of samples and sample-mangling possibilities :) but good software is pretty much always 'more powerful' of course, just a matter of if you think that hands on type of thing is something you really want to spend cash on. mk1 OTs are probably going for relatively cheap, yeah? not too sure. could see you having fun with a Digitakt or Digitone or Analog Four too! lots of power in all those machines :)
  10. exactly how i've wanted to use an OT, yeah! would still be missing the type of sequencing i'm wanting, unfortunately. or at least would be hobbled trying to do it with an OT. that's one of the reasons i was so intrigued by the RS when i started reading up on it, it's got some pretty powerful sound-mangling capabilities which are (all? mostly?) tied to the very powerful sequencer. fucking thing is just huge and it's of course quite a few years old so there's the reliability concern with it. :/ but otherwise, on paper and from what i've seen it seems nearly perfect for what i want. maybe Yamaha will release a successor to the RS in a few years, it's at the very top of their little https://yamahasynth.ideascale.com/ thing
  11. Digitakt/OT are pretty low on my list tbh. always figured i’d get an OT at some point for the live sound mangling capabilities but definitely leaning more towards something allows me to get away from the loop-based paradigm...still considering all options tho. yeah really intrigued by the Squarp of course but the RS came up in forum chatter and i have that in mind perhaps too....but probably not. idk. indecisive as fuck because everything has some limitations that irk me. in searching here i noticed a few WATMMers who have the RS. not sure anyone here has a Squarp that i’ve seen, but it seems the best solution for me at the moment? not pulling a trigger yet tho
  12. not sure if i wanna get a Squarp Pyramid, Yamaha RS7000, Elektron Digitakt, or just use my computer (Ableton and/or ORCΛ) for sequencing, but i really need to decide on a path and get at it...been procrastinating with this for too long. wanting to craft some longer and more complex stuff with all my gear and loops are starting to feel really stifling (not always of course)
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