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  1. the information is out there, learn to google for fuck's sake. idc tbh, not here to educate you or anyone. but gtfo with stupid out of context ignorant bullshit tho, you'll get pushback from anyone with any sense when you do. if you think white supremacy isn't a large portion of (or perhaps almost all of) the problem in America's racial problems for its entire history you really should do some reading.
  2. sounds like you're doing literally the exact same type of thing you're accusing the media of doing. the media are shit, no one debates that. some persons in the media are doing their god's honest best it seems, but as a whole these media conglomerates are designed to get money moreso than present truth.
  3. quoted/bolded for h e l l a truth idk that 'race is a factor in most police shootings' as there are dozens that happen regularly that never get any attention. the facts around/preceding/causing the data are what you're seemingly ignoring.
  4. pure data only tells part of the story, obviously.
  5. these are pure numbers, not as by a percentage of the population. white persons outnumber black persons by like 9:1 or 10:1 ratio or something, and yet black people are about half the total numbers of whites there (excluding the 'unknown' demographic). edit: yes, the media is shit. they do not help. they've probably actively contributed to 'mass shootings' over the last couple decades, and the media/public depictions of race need to be discussed. but starting off a discussion with a post like this is not good.
  6. auxien


    he's doing some shows later this year too: edit: oh this was probably known since some are sold out and one is 'new' ...oops
  7. be careful, someone (i think a non-US citizen) got very upset in a recent thread when some person/s dared to compare the US to anything less than the shining bastion of democratic capitalistic perfection.
  8. *reuploads every Rubin Farr post in the Funny Pictures thread*
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