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  1. all my stuff on tsrono.bandcamp.com is free/PWYW for a few days to coincide with Bandcamp Fridays returning this week. grab some tunes
  2. ah, i see so that's just using the Rockfon tiles spaced off the walls via the framing. that's different than i've seen. can you even get just an order of 5-10 of those Rockfon tiles? they look they're set up for commercial orders only so runs of dozens/hundreds. found this when searching, i'd love to do the staggered lengths of wood centerpiece diffuser as well https://bettersoundproofing.com/diy-sound-diffuser/
  3. yeah, seen a few things on the DIY acoustic panels that makes them seem relatively easy to do (i'm assuming this is what you're referencing). supposedly just towels are cheap and easy and work well as the filler for them, about as good as the more expensive stuff. i've got these two videos saved as reference for when i do want to do the project. i think the triangles look a bit nicer than just rectangles but that's just aesthetics i guess. i think i'm more worried about what else do i need to do, it feels like just building 5 or 6 acoustic panels would be a big help but maybe only part of the goal? not in a financial position to fully convert my 'studio' room into an acoustically separated studio with all the bells and whistles but hoping for more than just 'yeah put up some acoustic panels randomly'
  4. also in need of this knowledge pls & thx
  5. rarely have i heard a song more rolling lol-worthy than that one…watmm kids these days just can’t pull it together.
  6. Rytm & A4 is a good combo, can sure hear it in there and i’ll be curious to hear you getting deeper/more wild with them both as you learn them 🙂
  7. seeing the same here, and in Genban there's multiple threads doing that too. looks to be just threads started by users who are since deleted/whatever and showing as "Guest xxxxxx" ....also is screwed up a little funny when you go to the thread start: but maybe just all of those "Guest xxxxxx" accounts are fucking up the fonts or whatever:
  8. i watched that a month or so ago, was decent yeah. nothing special to it but was cute and not annoying or anything, seemed like they had some fun with it i also caught (all on Shudder) Lake Mungo (wasn't bad in moments but overall felt a bit cheap) An Unquiet Grave (bordered on boring, not /bad/ but couldn't recommend it to anyone except maybe a film student wanting to dissect why something didn't work when it could've) Vicious Fun (good enough fun but wasn't outstanding...seemed to be trying too hard at every level except the acting)
  9. https://bp1-support.elektron.se
  10. legal because capitalism profitable because of mass stupidity
  11. probably some docking of probes happened
  12. if he could survive The Devastator that killed his brother (himself) then some puny heart related incident ain't got shit on ole Bob
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