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  1. i watched For Your Eyes Only last week and it was campy and weird. i think i just don't like the Roger Moore Bond movies, and this one was more competent than the other i watched but i i'm going to avoid the others. just finished The World is Not Enough and it was actually okay. it had plot holes/handwaving science and just shifting things from one set piece to the next, but it was all done well enough. Brosnon is alright, played Bond a little too much to the cliche, i think, but that's not a bad thing necessarily. the intro scene and main song (anyone remember Garbage?) were good, but the music overall was straightforward and servicable. Goldie was in this so that was something. most IDM-adjacent Bond movie? also the other main non-Bond characters were all pretty solid....Denise Richards (nuclear physicist Dr Christmas Jones) was the weakest of them, but she did say a few almost-real science things correctly so: cool. Sophie Marceau was good, and Judi Dench and John Cleese are always classy. good Bond film.
  2. had to go look up the list on the wiki... i'd made it through Genchiro Ashini and done some sub-bosses in other areas (Sunken Valley, Senpou Temple) and dipped my toes into Ashina Depths at least, maybe another area? ....i'm assuming that's about 1/4 way through, at least boss-wise according the wiki, that's about right. looks like you're half as far as i'd got give or take....Gyoubu was fun, def took me a few tries tho. Lady Butterfly was a little more difficult than she should've been for me, i think she was a big hint that i wasn't playing Sekiro how Sekiro wanted me to play it, but i got through that fight and enjoyed it once i figured out the right way to approach her. Genchiro Ashini was a big push to make the fight work, made it start to not be enjoyable tho. that was the point for me that i realized i could do the actions, but it was SO tight and so exacting that it wasn't really fun to be playing at that level...at least for me at that time. world building stuff and story was cool, i could see it was going in some weirder directions and was getting pretty interesting. the areas i was in around then were really kicking my ass, was hard to enjoy...was definitely part of the reason i didn't feel like pushing through. would like to come back to it at some point tho
  3. i'd only made it about 1/4 of the way into Sekiro. i just couldn't get over that next hump playing it as casually as i did (picking up once every few weeks or whatever). i set it down a year ago, i imagine i'd have to start over from the beginning at this point. world is great tho yeah, wish i could've stuck through it...i'd gotten pretty solid at Bloodborne back in the day so i'm not a total noob but Sekiro is a whole other level.
  4. idk nothing about web building/sharing/etc. i’m a computer dummy for the most part. i only linked that before because i Googled it and seemed like a good starting place for the searching….lots of people doing dev stuff with Masto & the larger Fediverse protocols rn tho so i imagine there's somebody explaining how to somewhere. 🤷‍♂️ would be cool to have Mastodon embeds if possible tho!
  5. i just watched this video and his answer to the question at the timestamp (~13:45) he's saying this AI can't reason and/or logic out basic shit, which is just patently false. at least, they're outputting the correct answers which in some cases requires multilevel understanding of imagery, context regarding time, and functionality of physical devices, ALONG with understanding how to subvert those things for a joke (directly speaking about the meme explanation you posted). it's fucking wild that the AI is able to explain something like that meme so well (assuming it's legit and not just some asshole trolling on Twitter). it's even wilder that guys like the one in this video are in real time being disproven...they're the ones who should be seeing exactly what's going on here. the jobs that the current/upcoming AI could replace are really a small drop in a huge ocean kind of question at the moment. the current stuff will be good supplemental tools for humans in some jobs, but not replacing many outright. the guy in the video was entirely correct in how revolutionary AI is going to be for neuroscience and biology research, but in general all the sciences, maths? all that shit is about to get flipped on its head as the researchers learn how to really utilize the tools in powerful ways.
  6. i wasn't sure about the album as a whole on the first few listens...the slower songs took a little time to grow on me but now i'm feeling them pretty much all the way through. the way the tracks are mostly sorta playfully bleeding into each other was a little weird at first too but now i'm really liking it. that's the sort of thing i like in theory, trying to make the album more cohesive/interesting and work a bit more than just a selection of tracks, and i think it works here. the bookending of Washed Away + Far Away works too. there's a clip of a recent live set on her Insta rn someone snapped of Washed Away done live with a full on jungle/dnb type backing to it, sounded dope. she mentioned at some point there's remixes in the works for the album too so i'm sure that's going to really give a different set of takes on the slower tracks. anyway, i've warmed up to the album as a whole is all i'm getting at. really good.
  7. other driver threw a water bottle that this jackass mistook for a gunshot? fucking love it. it’s really the other driver’s fault that he didn’t shoot first at this Popper guy, he could’ve also claimed self defense/stand your ground since Popper brake-checked him on the interstate, that’s aggressive and potentially deadly. anything warrants reckless lethal force in America, apparently.
  8. this could be total bullshit and i wouldn't know any different. magnets are fucking weird, and these hyperspecifically designed magnets and superconductors and shit? makes me all
  9. premiering tonight...looks to be a very interesting episode.
  10. this Poverty album is pretty interesting on first listen. sort of like the Jefre take on the Andy Stott/Demdike Stare/Actress type vibes but not necessarily breaking any new ground or anything. good tho. Jefre is good at the vibe curation and this is no exception.
  11. idk, but i remember getting in touch with their help desk as well and having a good experience. can’t ignore that sort of thing imo. my CDs came out exactly as expected…actually selling them is a different challenge tho
  12. Disc Duplication, Manufacturing & Packaging | Disc Makers i used this company for the one CD i've done and it was quality, easy process, good value. looks like they do doubles, triples, etc for reasonable pricing on small runs.
  13. watched Zoolander for like the fifth time or something... still got some laughs out of it somehow. the multilevel stupidity always tickles my brain i guess watched From Russia With Love, don't think i've ever seen it. was alright but a little bland i guess. then did Live And Let Die and was pretty underwhelmed for the most part. first half drags, then the second half has a boat chase scene that i swear was like 30 minutes long with campy Cajun sheriffs and a dozen Dukes of Hazard (on/off water) moments. just silliness. oh, they ran their boats over some land? again? for the fourth time? cool man cool. the whole movie felt like a 70s TV show more than a movie...couldn't quite put my finger on why, maybe it was the meandering script? look wasn't great either tho. music was particularly trash/lacking for a Bond film. absolute minutes of action and chase scenes with no score at all. cringey voodoo thing the whole time too.
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