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  1. nothing against you personally of course darreich but I literally lolled at “As soon as it becomes clear that everyone profits from a more or less fair society or at least one without poverty, more rich people will start working towards this” that’s just.... there’s so much wrong there. it’s very clear already, the rich/elite do not want that. they do not want a fair society. that’s why capitalism is perfectly human and likely to be the dominant makeup of civilization for a very long time. we could have something very close to a fair and equal society tomorrow if the wealthy (individuals and businesses alike) gave up their wealth out to everyone else. but the amount of change that would entail in the aftermath is nearly unthinkable and a whole other issue tl;dr as long as money exists there will be the rich
  2. i said society, i didn't parse it. the inherit societal inequality of literally every single rich nation is a large part of why that argument wouldn't work and is ridiculous. the rich and powerful are exactly that....rich, and powerful. they're in general not going to give up their wealth or their power for 'societal good' (assuming that communism is even a societal good lol) otherwise, they'd almost certainly never have gotten to be rich and powerful.
  3. oh and BBC's The Whisperer in Darkness just popped up, forgot it was coming out so about to start it. Last season was The Case of Charles Dexter Ward was pretty damned good, looking forward to this one.
  4. ‘hey society that was very successful and got rich via capitalism: time to be communist now’ (not saying there’s no valid argument there btw, mostly taken aback by the ridiculous premise. reality is often ridiculous tho)
  5. can you make a knife out of cum tho
  6. wow, lot of posts in here. it's like a goddamned
  7. protip, you can 'backtrack' on there by like shaking your phone violently. i've done that for many who i absolutely had to get a second look at (not because i was interested in them but because i reflexively went 'no fucking way' and swiped left then realized i had to see more).
  8. ^i saw a similar pedalboard concept the other day when i was digging around some old forums and for sale shit, i think it was maybe a Boss version of that, but maybe it was the Yamaha and my memory is wrong. thought it was pretty intriguing and i started wondering 'hm yeah would be great if you could just make it smaller somehow and there were lots more weird and unique options' then realized i'd invented eurorack. but anyway that is interesting, sad that they're going for expensive prices....the ones i saw i don't think were too much, but again, don't exactly remember the brand/condition/etc either.
  9. idk, looks pretty fuckin easy: https://bleep.com/artist/71
  10. a latte by definition has a lot of milk, so they are correct. for one with less milk you have to ask for a lesse.
  11. Cybertruck will be to the 20s what Hummer was to the 90s
  12. auxien

    draft 7.30

    lay off the beer, badger
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