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  1. ^nice might make more sense to move this conversation over to the studio pics thread? lots of examples there to consider for the curious
  2. lol yeah thought the same, if the new release is over 25 minutes long i'll be shocked
  3. i've bought two of these. thinking of buying a third. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00D08FD9W/ have some attachments and extras to help with lifting/angling synths and such, that's all a bit hobbled together
  4. ^that’s a feature not a bug, if I’m not mistaken. when you go to reply anew, look at the bottom of the posting box, it’ll show a dialog for a few seconds telling you it’s inserting previously typed reply, and ask you if you want to remove it. pretty sure it saves it tied to your account, not within your local browser cache (but I don’t think it transfers between posting places...I’m typing this reply via phone but if I stop and open it up on laptop it won’t be there....whereas if I reopen on phone it’ll still be there. I think...) the post text color thing is an issue yeah, but if everyone would just click ‘post as plain text’ when pasting (again, small dialog box at bottom of posting box pops up for a few seconds when pasting any non-plain text) then it wouldn’t be. but of course everyone won’t do that.
  5. Magic Crystal EP doesn’t get enough love. still listen to it regularly after years of owning it
  6. moving company gave me a window of 1-4 3:45, not heard shit so I call them ’oh hi, Um [redacted bullshit] yeah, they’ll be there within about an hour probably’ that’s not how the window works... ’well it’s not an exact time that’s just the window’ that puts it at well past the window tho... ’right, the window isn’t exact’ Seinfeld car reservation scene plays in my head.
  7. in the future everyone will be the pope for 15 minutes
  8. one down (time to work on the rest...) how are y'alls plans going?
  9. couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. hopefully this doesn't stop him from directly and privately meeting with Trump ASAP, so they can shake hands and talk in close quarters a lot to discuss the very important issues that definitely require an in-person meeting.
  10. never did that but i remember other kids talking about putting chips on their burgers. i used to make terrible sandwiches when i was a latchkey kid, like literally just bread and ketchup, or just cheese + ketchup on bread. would often cut up a hot dog onto a slice of bread with some ketchup and/or cheese. my culinary skills have only slightly improved since then.
  11. finally was able to find a good vibe for a remix but a) it's sounding almost nothing like the original (despite using a ton of samples from it) b) i'm pretty sure i'm gonna ruin it before i actually record it nevertheless: (temporary?) achievement unlocked
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