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SKLASI invites series - sriracha


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I created this mix for a new series by Dutch DJ SKLASI. Some nice IDM here mixed with my usual techno.

01) Tomorrow The Rain Will Fall Upwards :: And I Tried So Hard [Blackest Ever Black]
02) Wata Igarashi :: Bones [Wata Igarashi]
03) Skee Mask :: TH808 [Ilian Tape]
04) Forest Drive West :: New Day [Livity Sound]
05) Lag :: Twitch [KR/LF]
06) SHDW & Obscure Shape :: Ruf Der Freiheit [From Another Mind]
07) Rrose :: Specimen 2 [Infrastructure New York]
08) Blawan :: Trampelpfad [Ternesc]
09) Aleksi Perälä :: NLL561606936 [Clone Basement Series]
10) Sandwell District :: Speed And Sound (Z:Arts Lab Version) [Sandwell District]
11) Two Shell :: Blobject [Livity Sound]
12) Wata Igarashi :: Decrypt [Wata Igarashi]
13) D.Dan :: X-Dreams [Summerpup]
14) Giant Swan :: IANAH [Whities]
15) Function :: Spiritually Unconscious (Dissolve) [Tresor]
16) Go Hiyama :: Swell [Hue Helix]
17) Simo Cell :: How Do You Turn This On [Livity Sound]
18) Rimbaudian :: I Would Do Everything I Did Again And Again [Ten Thousand Yen]
19) Adriana López :: Awa [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
20) Paranoid London :: Paris Dub 3 [Paranoid London]
21) Anunaku :: Bronze Age [Whities]
22) Rocco :: From Blood [Atjazz]
23) Simo Cell :: Whispers [TemeT]
24) Silkie :: Planet X [Deep Medi]
25) Kamikaze Space Programme :: Type 3 [Killekill]

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