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  1. Out today on bandcamp: http://iliantape.bandcamp.com/album/iss004-skee-mask-iss004
  2. 01) T_A_M :: Salaam [Tuff Wax] 02) Blawan :: Careless [Ternesc] 03) Morphology :: Second Light [Firescope] 04) Rrose :: Waterfall [Eaux] 05) Silent Servant :: Utopian Disaster (End) [Hospital] 06) Regis :: Blood Witness [Blackest Ever Black] 07) Versalife :: Amber Molecular Profile [Shipwrec] 08) Hodge :: Amor Fati [Livity Sound] 09) Obscure Shape & SHDW :: Gefallene Engel [Rekids] 10) Pearson Sound :: Thaw Cycle [Pearson Sound] 11) Marco Bernardi :: Demonia [Harbour City Sorrow] 12) Rod Modell :: Scrawler [Tresor] 13) Kamikaze Space Programme :: Type1 [Killekill] 14) Conrad Van Orton & VSK :: Sub Atomic [Modularz] 15) Paranoid London :: Lovin U (Ahh Shit) [Paranoid London] 16) Simo Cell :: Storm Steven [BFDM] 17) Luigi Tozzi :: Binary Sunset [Hypnus] 18) Minilogue :: Clouds And Water (Rrose Remix) [Enemy] 19) Orphx :: Sever The Signal [Sonic Groove] 20) Wata Igarashi :: Mood Of The Machines Part III [Bunker New York]
  3. Two of my recent designs, which are very similar.
  4. Thanks mate! Love your sets as well - your House knowledge is unimpeachable.
  5. I second this! I was really happy to hear 444 - one of my favourite songs ever.
  6. Sorry, link fixed - looks like it was re-uploaded right after I posted the first link.
  7. 01) Deepchord :: Untitled [Modern Love]02) Rrose :: The Surgeon General (No Child Left Behind) [Eaux]03) Blawan :: Trampelpfad [Ternesc]04) Simo Cell :: I Love the Monkey Head [Brothers From Different Mothers]05) Radial :: Stora [Mord]06) Skee Mask :: TH808 [Ilian Tape]07) Skee Mask :: 808AB [Ilian Tape]08) Andrea :: Future Atmo [Ilian Tape]09) SCB :: Acid Bath [Hotflush]10) Giant Swan :: The Rest Of His Voice [Mannequin]11) Simo Cell :: How Do You Turn This On [Livity Sound]12) Rrose :: Emboli [Khemia]13) Luigi Tozzi :: Dune [Hypnus]14) Max Durante :: Italian Decay [Sonic Groove]15) Cadans :: Dominion [Clone]16) Benjamin Damage :: 010X [50Weapons]17) Randomer :: Smokin [L.I.E.S.]18) Forest Drive West :: Other [Whities]19) Rimbaudian :: I Would Do Everything I Did Again And Again [Ten Thousand Yen]20) Monolake :: Alto [Imbalance Computer Music] This is the first set for my new monthly residency at Shared Frequencies radio - next live broadcast of mine will be on the 9th of October.
  8. It's nice to see Hall repping the Ad Vanz name again… is there a new release under that alias? I know of almost nothing - a 12" and a remix on a Spezialmaterial comp. (the best track on that release).
  9. Yeah, I've been doing that as well - Scrawler in particular can be pitched down around 5% to fit into a techno set.
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