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  1. Side view of my avatar - it's a 3D shape I made in Processing.
  2. Holy shit - if that's a real tweet it's the greatest self-own ever.
  3. Whoa nice! I had no idea Last And First Men had been made into a movie - it's one of my favourite books.
  4. VID_524391109_094901_659.mp4
  5. Preview tracks sound really good!
  6. He was a blast to hang out with! I met him several years ago when he came to Austin for southby. My favourite memory of those few days was going to a thrift store where we found a jacket with a large 'IDM' logo on the chest (some random company's logo) so naturally Phil had to model it while I took some photos with his phone… I'd love to see those pictures again.
  7. RIP Phil - you were a wonderful contributor to this board and to the world at large.
  8. I've mostly been listening to the Spectrum series by Aleksi Perälä. It's 8 free releases for anyone who hasn't heard it (though I did pay for them).
  9. 01) Minced Oath :: The Royal Box [Countersunk] 02) Morphology :: Europa [Vortex Traks] 03) Sandwell District :: Immolare [Sandwell District] 04) Rrose :: Mirror [Eaux] 05) Archivist :: Pathfinder [Blankstairs] 06) Orbital :: Semi Detached [FFRR] 07) Phoenecia :: Somory [Warp] 08) SHDW & Obscure Shape :: Augen Der Nacht [From Another Mind] 09) Rrose :: 23 Lashes [Eaux] 10) Wata Igarashi :: Mood Of The Machines Part I [The Bunker New York] 11) Blawan :: Trampelpfad [Ternesc] 12) Function :: Binaural [Eaux] 13) Kamikaze Space Programme :: Day Of Creation [Mote-Evolver]
  10. I can only see it on apple music and amazon music - I wonder if this is an old recording that Uwe no longer has rights for, and hence hasn't put it on bandcamp or publicised it.
  11. Yeah, Uwe's mailing list has always telegraphed releases in the past.
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