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  1. Reminds me of living in rural Wisconsin where farmer cheese was cheap and amazing.
  2. Finally getting into Into The Breach - what a great game! I'm seeing robot chessboards as I fall asleep now.
  3. Hah, I now see that the track I just posted is in your post already.
  4. Thanks for this! I had heard only of Ostia - looking forward to digging into these tracks.
  5. New Rob Hall mix? Hell yes.
  6. It does take some effort, true. It's usually pretty obvious which accts. do this, just from their follow/following ratio alone.
  7. Yeah it's pretty shitty and extremely common! I'll follow anyone back, and if they then unfollow me I block them. My block list is hundreds of accounts long, and I only block for this reason. I do like Instagram though - about to hit 1000 followers without doing anything shady to attract people; of course, it's taken years.
  8. @foldedcrystals Origami, cats, plants and occasionally music.
  9. Duuude! This is fantastic - I still have the original on vinyl but I'm getting the digital release too. Worth it just for the Jam On It remix.
  10. DrukQs has to have had one of the best critical 180s of all time. I remember thinking it was pretty good at first; now I believe it's my favourite album ever.
  11. http://delsinrecords.bandcamp.com/album/9719-ep
  12. http://twoshell.bandcamp.com/album/touchpad
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