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  1. Yeah I'm in the same boat, almost exactly: fan since the Ambulance days, but I didn't get the Nord albums. I did like the Ribbon Works EPs though, and am excited for Hexose.
  2. 01) Minced Oath :: Long Distance Clara [Countersunk] 02) Atom™ :: Chemistry [The Bunker New York] 03) Donato Dozzy :: Duetto [Tresor] 04) Two Shell :: SYNC-2020 [Livity Sound] 05) Autechre :: Second Scout [Warp] 06) Blawan :: Kaz [R&S Records] 07) Batu :: Shiratani [Timedance] 08) J-Zbel :: ZHF (Gale Mix) [Brothers From Different Mothers] 09) Aleksi Perälä :: GBLFT1740066 [Trip] 10) Evigt Mörker :: Frihet [Northern Electronics] 11) Aphex Twin :: Wet Tip Hen Ax [Warp] 12) Sidewinder :: Brain Danage [Amniote Editions] 13) Daniel Avery :: Sensation (Rrose Remix) [Phantasy Sound] 14) Kamikaze Space Programme :: Type 2 [Killekill] 15) Monolake :: Alto [Imbalance Computer Music] 16) Ctrls :: Charge (Rich Oddie Remix) [Token] 17) Luigi Tozzi :: Yavin 4 [Hypnus] 18) Orphx :: Blood In The Streets [Sonic Groove] 19) Silent Servant :: The Strange Attractor [Hospital Productions] 20) Cadans :: No Connection [Clone Basement Series]
  3. New giant origami is finished - now to add LEDs.
  4. This is my outside kitty Remi, who is too skittish to approach us, though she'll eat our food and chill in our tree like it's her sofa.
  5. There's a 12-hour streaming marathon to benefit Austin venues. Tune in please at https://sharedfrequencies.com/ especially ~2.5 hours from this post (22:15 GMT) when I go live!
  6. Six Figure Salary has been in my head for days, not that I'm complaining - Dunk writes the best melodies I know of.
  7. No idea honestly… I remember being tested extensively when young, after which the school moved me directly from 2nd to 4th grade, so apparently it's high enough.
  8. Update: Plush is closing for (at least) 2 weeks - show cancelled.
  9. Lol so much for my prophecy skills. AFAIK the show will still happen - more details soon.
  10. Golden hour origami. My last pic of this one - just sold it.
  11. It'll definitely be scaled-down; the city would lose too much money if they cancelled, so I think it's unlikely.
  12. I work in a research lab, with flexible hours. Normally it is 9-5 but there are odd days where I might have to stay at work for 16 hours… thankfully those are rare.
  13. On the final Saturday of SXSW, I'll be mixing from 10 - 11 (as Sriracha) in support of the radio station I'm a resident of. If you'll be in town, come through for a night of mostly live techno sets. https://www.facebook.com/events/215188426202642
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