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  1. Nope, it was paperback - edited by David Larkin. I have the biography too; bought it for myself much later. My dad has the gnomes book also - I stared at it almost as often.
  2. Rackham had a huge influence on me as a child - my Dad had a coffee table book with some of his illustrations and I would stare at it constantly. His depictions of trees and cats have never been surpassed.
  3. You can find dozens up at mixcloud.com/sriracha and soundcloud.com/sriracha
  4. Cool, thanks for the support! I never stopped recording mixes.
  5. Welcome! I was on the mu forum as well as braindance.net, the unofficial replacement - my username was sriracha.
  6. Eomac retweeted my mix featuring a track from this album - cheers Ian! https://twitter.com/dj_sriracha/status/1387125399524622338?s=19
  7. 01) Deadbeat :: Waking Dub [BLKRTZ] 02) Sandwell District :: Speed And Sound (Z:Arts Lab Version) [Sandwell District] 03) Forest Drive West :: Ritual [Livity Sound] 04) Function :: Binaural [Eaux] 05) Two Shell :: Blobject [Livity Sound] 06) Aleksi Perälä :: FI3AC2035060 [AP Musik] 07) Uun :: Lower Norfair [Mord] 08) Sister City :: Black Lit [BNR Trax] 09) Rimbaudian :: I Would Do Everything I Did Again And Again [Ten Thousand Yen] 10) Jichael Mackson :: Gedöns [Stock5] 11) Cadans :: Dominion [Clone Basement Series] 12) Eomac :: All The Rabbits In The Tiergarten [Planet-M
  8. You would think so, but most of them have been sold or given as gifts. I do have a few dozen around.
  9. Taupe Beats has been around a bit longer, not sure when he started posting.
  10. Catch me & Taupe Beats tonight on sub.fm from 8-10 pm CST (3 hr 45 min from this posting).
  11. Tonight at 18:00 central standard time, about 7 hours from this posting, catch my stream on sharedfrequencies.com - playing new stuff from Eomac, Forest Drive West, Two Shell, and lots of classic IDM.
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