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Teac A-6010

Guest Moebius

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Guest Moebius

Stumbled across today, rather interesting given their stated love of old analog tape decks...


The model A-6010 is a 4-track stereo, 3 motor deck, directdrive

reel-tables and belt-driven capstan. Can take up to 7-inch reels.

Automatic shut-off, tape tension switch for normal or thin tape (1

or 1,1/2 mil).

Auto-reverse function, 4 heads, solenoid operated pushbuttons for the

transport controls, Tape/Monitor switch.

Walnut woodcabinet. Speed: 3-3/4 and 7-1/2.

Dimensions: 20-3/4 Tall. 17 5/16 Wide. 6,7/8 Deep. Weight: 46 lbs.

RCA connections for output/input.

The middle version between A-4010 S and the bigger A-7010.



It was reviewed in Stereo Review Vol. 21 Number 5 (November, 1968) if someone wants to dig for that.










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same brand as the real the electronics store down the street is selling for 500 bucks. looks almost identical so probably made around the same time.


btw, does anyone know what these went for retail price when they were new? just real to reals in general. were they like as much as tape decks?

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