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  1. Does anyone know anything about the contents of the new SD card? And I wonder if its contents will be in the forthcoming digitals? And will the audio from the BluRay be included? So many questions! Whatever, this box is awesome. CD and postcard track are the favourites of mine so far.
  2. I enjoyed this entire post apart from the use of the word 'goddamn' which should never be used in speech or text by anyone from Great Britain. As for myself, I put on Tomorrow's Harvest today and really enjoyed it. I thought more than a few tracks were reminiscent of 'Geogaddi', but it's all BoC so why worry?
  3. Just bought 'Quoth' out of curiosity and to get the WAVs... no Hidden Mix! Fuck!
  4. I wondered about Arched Maid Via RDJ as well. I wonder if the Rephlex releases are still going to be uploaded as promised? Hope they don't go the same way as the Rephlex webstore.
  5. Not got a clue what's fucking going on. I got the message that I'd bid too low but would be getting 'awarded' with the release anyway. Even so, I've skinted myself til payday so I hope GWC et al appreciate it! Having bought all of the physical editions plus the digital releases up til now I don't feel too guilty. Might make a donation later depending on what I end up with.
  6. Sorry, I don't dip into WATMM so much these days. Any idea what this actually comprises? I ordered the clear vinyl and CD regardless and don't care if it's Now That's What I Call Colundi or new stuff or whatever, but still..... just curious. It's basically a compilation of tracks from already released Levels through the years, but now on vinyl. Thank you, I imagined it might be. I've a feeling somehow that it's going to be delayed for a bit.
  7. Sorry, I don't dip into WATMM so much these days. Any idea what this actually comprises? I ordered the clear vinyl and CD regardless and don't care if it's Now That's What I Call Colundi or new stuff or whatever, but still..... just curious.
  8. Blimey, this old thread's still alive! Quatermass (as I've no doubt mentioned a million times before) was one of my first points of reference when I first encountered Ghost Box. Being a child of the 70s it was the John Miills serial which initially sprang to mind, although in my teens I did come to love the earlier stories through buying the paperbacks of the scripts. Nice to see a nod to The Daemons in there too. Pity Nigel Kneale apparently hated Who so much even though many of the Pertwee stories borrowed from Quatermass so heavily. Bought this a while back, not yet read in full thoughL http://strangeattractor.co.uk/shoppe/the-twilight-language-of-nigel-kneale/. And just for the record, mere weeks left to wait for 'New Ways Out'! EDIT: Fuck, I actually bought that book a few years ago because of the tape that came with it, which is ace. Best get my arse in gear.
  9. I don't come round here much anyomore, but I wish I could have this thread alone with LUDD for a while just to wallow in the brilliance of Erotic City.
  10. Not trying to be a dick, but nothing I've heard since 'Go' sounds like it's got any better. I loved the first three albums and think she's stupidly talented, just feel she can do so much better. And as an old man on these boards now, her and Deerhunter are the only things that make me care that 4AD still exist.
  11. I didn't think things could get any better than Level 7 until I heard 10, awesome. I've loved the seemingly increasing complexity with each level, almost as if the series is building up to Mental Union as some kind of prequel (I'm talking bollocks, I know). And is it a little strange that the only regular format not to host Colundi is the regular CD (if MU4 isn't part of the series)?
  12. Absolutely ace EP. First track is favourite for me.
  13. Coughed up my $30 or whatever. So what's next? A personal live set from AP? 'Oi, Aleksi! Can you come round to mine and perform Level 10? Cheers!'
  14. Metal Beat "5" (upload 93, right after "make a baby") and "Cmarth (longer)"? Metal Beat definitely, cheers. Not too sure about the RDJ alts to be honest chen. 'cutting' seems to fit, although it also feels a little like the Come To Daddy EP tracks.
  15. I'll cough up when I have the cash to spare. Feels like I'm paying into the next Waco though, maybe this would be a better BoC Kickstarter.
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