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3 remixes


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Here are the first 3 "remixes" ive done so far, see what you think


1. Modest (Barnacles by Ugly Cassanova)

2. Frroo (Hide and Seek by imogen heap :[ )

3. Third (orginally the end of "the background" by third eye blind, remixed by my friend [automatron] and i)

4. Yetti ( not a remix of anything! an instrumental i was going to rap over but never used)



There you go, 4 fantastic flavours of fervor. You should return the favor sometime.


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Guest yan_g

automatron rmx: like it lots i think the sound could be better (some equing needed i guess if that's not my speakers or the lossy compression) but the choice of sounds and rhythm have something fresh that i quite enjoy. the end could've been worked a little bit more, it could have gotten more intense towards the end.

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