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Freezepop - Future Future Future Perfect

Guest Moebius

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Guest Moebius

3rd album from Freezepop. They make some great super blippy synthpop. They've had a few tracks in video games and the new album includes a track that's also used in Guitar Hero 2.


Some comments about the new album:

it's been a long 3 year process working on this cd and i've learned a lot along the way. this album will sound pretty different from our last releases since i've ditched the qy70, at least for the sounds i use. but i'm very happy with it. there are some songs that have the most complicated mixes i've ever done with upwards of 60 tracks of audio and lots of automated dsp fx. good times. so many tracks and fx that my dual g5 couldnt keep up. dual quad core here i come.


someone asked me how i could sum up the new album and here's what i told them.


freezepop forever = elementary school

fashion impression function = middle school

fancy ultra*fresh = high school

insert our new album title here = college baby.


and you know what college means? booze and girls and no parents.



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Guest Glass Plate



also, this could have potential I used to like freezepop but later on I felt it was too cheesy etc. I dunno we'll see.

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