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Bjorn Torske - Feil Knapp - 07/16/07

Guest Deep Fried Everything

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Guest Deep Fried Everything





01 Hemmelig Orkester

02 Hatten Passer

03 Spelunker

04 Tur I Maskinparken

05 Loe Bar

06 Kapteinens Skjegg

07 Moljekalas

08 God Kveld

09 Orkenrotta

10 Fembussen Hjem




From Earplug:


Norwegian Bjørn Torske's recording career has traveled many paths, zigzagging from driving techno to experimental electronica through deep house. But this wanderlust has kept his music innovative for more than 15 years. Previously, Torske provided synth accompaniment for ambient comrade Biosphere, issued singles on Djax-Up-Beats, and established his talents via a series of expressive, jazzy house singles on Sweden's Svek and Norway's Tellé.


Feil Knapp (Norwegian for "wrong button"), Torske's first album in six years, is filled with sweetly adventurous instrumentals that satiate like Scandinavian milk chocolate. And in case we thought we had him pegged, two of the first six tracks ("Spelunker" and "Kapteinens Skjegg") are surprising, improv-driven dub tracks that resemble Deadbeat or Burnt Friedman. Torske also conquers Norse disco with two twitchy, conga-filled numbers ("Hatten Passer" and "God Kveld") and rejuvenates deep house on the jazzy "Loe Bar." With music this brilliant and far-reaching, let's hope he keeps hitting all the wrong buttons.

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