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drum and bass track


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the idea of drum and bass' "wall of sound" has gotten annoying to me in certain ways...


the idea that break programming is completely absent from hardcore music is ridiculous, the same loops over and over and over again.


granted, some amazing producers out there who know how to tweak their samplers.... but i'm trying to make stuff that is built from the ground up... completely original, but that also captures that particular sound that i fell in love with back in the early 90s.


anyway, enough bs, here is a new track... its called wipeat and is up at:




the track starts off slowly, bits of heavy bass here and there, then starts to move around 2:00...


i'm not claiming this is a masterpiece, i know the bass is distorting a bit on certain speakers (still learning about mixing/mastering)... but i'd love to see if you think this is just the same old shite, or whether it actually sounds decent.


thanks for listening.



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i like how you've stayed away from teh D&B cliches


listend a couple of times now.


yes! that is exactly what i was trying to do... just so tired of the same 'ol in that genre...


thanks a lot for listening.

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with a little more work it could be epic


hey man, thanks a lot for listening and giving feedback. i really appreciate that...


if you remember anything specific about what i should work on, please feel free to PM me and let me know... definitely planning on working on this track some more.



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Guest Idiron

i dont think this really counts as drum and bass in the first place because the drums arnt based around the whole BD - 0 - SN - 0 - 0 - BD - SN - 0 crap. dnb as an actual compositional style is really really rigid and this reminds me of ebola's new stuff and ital tek. wouldnt say its dubstep though, but fuck genres. its a very nicely developing song, great atmosphere but ide like to hear more synths...a sawwave bass with some attack on the filter for example.

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