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Guest green_calx

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Hi, listened to your track. You've put yourself under "Disco house" which immediately made me think whatever I might say will probably be unfair as I really don't like the genre so I'm not too qualified to comment on this but that I will. Overall it's pleasant enough, but for me pretty bland. I just didn't like the "samba" type fusion beats or the way it just ended anti-climatically. The guitar was the most interesting element for me but seemed at odds with the beats,It didn't really go anywhere. I also detect a low qualilty MP3 or maybe that's the production, kind of tinny guitar. Again, I don't mean to be so harsh here, it's not bad but it seemed so strangely muted and low key and dull for Disco or indeed house, it didn't feel like either of those things. Needs more work IMO, if you separated that guitar, started to play around with it and used beats that sounded less preset it could be more interesting. But, some people might love it, just wasn't for me I'm afraid.

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