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[es33] Maguett - "Ceramicboy"

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Guest electrosound



[es33] Maguett - "Ceramicboy"


These are the words that Dmitry Drozdov says about his project and his album (author’s specific orthography is preserved):


«Ceramicboy is a meeting of improvisations of emotional impulses making a part of my consciousness. The blanket of compositions reflects my musical predilections and initial aspirations for self-realisation in electro-samplers to system of co-ordinates. I do not see necessary to concretize images in the created compositions, the direction is in the album name. In the manual “It is volume a spatial composition” (1993) such writing of the French word “breadboard model” is specified (“Maguette”, in a correct writing, as it has appeared later). I could not interrupt such interconnection of the plan of my project, the manual and the small letter “e”…».


Listen in 320kbps mp3



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