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Song for english class


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I have to do a presentation based off this book where the narrator is a savant, and the way i figure, savants dont get rapped about enough, so heres the instrumental for the rap i plan on doing.


Wish me luck!

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Not bad eh. I like the pitch bent lead delay. Not a huge fan of the bass chords. p5th? p4th?


izzat music theory? I'm not familiar.



Just got back from the class, went fairly well, only messed up on my flow a couple times.


Heres my lyrics



There’s a dead dog on the floor

I gotta find who killed him

Gonna find the perpetrata

Gonna spit this wicked hymn


I’m a special kinda kid

Aspergers If you please

Exeptional at math

And a keen memory


Rewind that


Murder Mysteries are cool

But please don’t even touch me

Or I’ll motherfuckin stab you

And scream



I’m savant baby

Now you gonna ride with me?

I’m on a mission


From my friend Wellington

With Dads Permission


I can seek out revenge

Put an end to this hate

Put this jerkoff in jail

Go to the end of the earth

On the underground rail

My Homie Holmes


Gotta solve a mystery

If he could kill Wellington

He could probably kill me

You see!

My motivation

It leads to adventure

Don’t gotta be a scientist

To Follow intuition


Woof Woof

Woof Woof Bark Bark

Stab Stab


Yellow Cars make me sad


Woof Woof

Woof Woof Bark Bark

Stab Stab


This villain’s Almost at Hand


Woof Woof

Woof Woof Bark Bark

Stab Stab


Have some




Woof Woof Bark Bark

Stab Stab


So Angry with Dad

I'm so angry with dad

Kinda peeved sometimes

aint trustin my dad

And I’m lookin for my moms With Toby in hand


I investigate

with logic, and rhymes

But I’ll try to make it home

Cuz 9:30 is bed time.


I like to think

I'm pretty brave


But sometimes

It's center stage


I freak out

and groan a lot


So keep out

I'll have you caught

In the



its him and me

If i


study hard



award winner

for sickest rhymes







sign of the times

These days sittin round

readin letters from mom

maybe do some long division

hey man thats bomb

gotta drink some red drink

gotta try and stay calm

Everythings got me trippin

I Just gotta roll on


Woof Woof

Woof Woof Bark Bark

Stab Stab


Little dog Named Sandy


Woof Woof

Woof Woof Bark Bark

Stab Stab


Red Licorice Candy


Woof Woof

Woof Woof Bark Bark

Stab Stab


The Names Christopher Boone




this one's a shoutout to you

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Guest splagawaga

the tabla type bass from the initial beat i like. builds up nicely enough


good luck rapping ;)


edit: i just saw u already did it.


thats some seriously bizarre lyrics, for some reason i picture a short stumpy version of napoleon dynamite standing in front of his class rapping those weird lyrics to stunned faces. then pressing stop and walking back to his seat without a word.


lets hope it went something along those lines anyway

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