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tube[ep] electronic debut

Guest Italic Eyeball

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Guest Italic Eyeball

well i finished tube[ep];


the full album is here:




or you can download whatever tracks you want at




there were some tracks i was planning on working on further but i was missing some of the original source material :unhappy:


i just decided to put this out, and it will serve as a launching point for my later work; decided to put this one on the shelf.


overall, i'm happy about some things and unhappy about other things. let me know what you think.

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Acid Messiah: I liked it when it started but after a while the drums got on my nerves a bit. Felt like it was the variations could have come in quicker and changed around more.


Battery Boy: Not sure what you were trying to do here. :undecided:


Buckets of Ketchup: This was a fun little tune. Not to amazing or mind blowing but decent.


Caelpal: Interesting. Kind of wish you had expanded on this idea and worked on it a bit more.


Gestation Filament: I really hated the beat in the background. I might be missing something but this seemed incredibly boring to me.


I Am Damaged: Started off cool but I didn't like the middle section. Ending picked up a bit.


I Am Daniel Rotting Away: Didn't like it. Not much as to say.


Please Query My Capsicum: Again, what were you trying to do with this peice? :undecided: I don't know if it's just my fault but this track sounded mind numbingly boring to me.


Rotts Boredom: This song wasn't bad but I felt like there was a lot more that could've been done with this.


Tube: Just didn't like this.



Sorry for the negative tone...this might just not be a my style of music! Doesn't mean it's bad.

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Guest tht! tne

first off i have to admit that i only skimmed this

my lasting impression is that you should expand:

caelapl as The Pod said, i am daniel rotting away, and blue litmus collider

those were the most interesting ideas to me, and would probably benefit from a little more time and effort

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