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Fonk Wave

Guest gareth

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A few homemade trax in production. . . Grateful for your feedback (sorry couldn't attach, PC's playing up)


No need to download, you can just have a listen . . .











Thanx . . . .

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this is a lotta stuff to listen through so im just gonna scan through most of em.


fonk wave - Rugged! Enjoyin the lush synth work.

evil finger - doesnt quite hook me like fonk wave, feels "all over the place" to me.

snotty nosed kid! - Nice, a lot more of what i liked about fonk wave in a more concentrated and directed tune.

little shit - Like snotty nosed, much more directional


I dont listen to much electro, but i enjoyed these, perhaps not for everyday listening but i'd def drop it in a dj set. id like to see how you'd fare on something more experimental.


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