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audio gear + on ebay


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M-Audio Solaris Large Diaphram Condenser Mic - with Included Shockmount with Popfilter with mount


Fender Stratacoustic Electric with Fender padded Gigbag


Zildjian ZHT Rock 5-Pack with Cymbal Bag


and a little later on i might list these items


as one auction

Pearl Export 6-Piece Kit including:

Pearl Cymbal Boom Stand

Pearl Straight Cymbal Stand

Pearl Hi-Hat Stand

Pearl Bass Drum Pedal

$450 Buy It Now


and a...


Fender Metalhead MH-412 ST Straight 4x12 Guitar Speaker Cab i paid $699 for and it's never left my house and hardly used cos i have another one with the head


why $210? i have no idea cos the amp blows my mind but i need the money.

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