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I should not drive . . .


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So in April I got rear-ended on the same highway I take almost every day to get to town, and just less than an hour and a half ago, I am driving it again, turn on the radio, hear a loud pop, and I'm suddenly looking at this from the inside:


There was no oncoming traffic, I drove back past to see if maybe there was a baseball or something by the road and didn't see anything, went back to where I was coming from and called state patrol and my insurance company. Damn whatever fucker thought it would be funny to knock out someone's windshield while they are driving at 50 miles per hour.

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WTF, looks like someones thrown a baseball at it full pelt or something. Or you were shot at.

It looks too big to be a bullet, and I would have thought a baseball would have left more damage in the center.


I doubt that it was an intentional act--American interstates are fights to the death filled with debris and sorrow. All of my windshield incidents have always stemmed from huge trucks throwing shit from their unsecured payload. I get endlessly pissed because they always have a sign saying "Stay back 3 miles. Not responsible for damage." as if anyone can stay as far back as they ask for in these filthy urban apocalypses we live in.


Glad it wasn't further up--be thankful for the little shit. On the plus side, your seat and wheel covers are so pitted :cool:

This wasn't an interstate, though, it's a state route highway, and I was well over three miles behind anybody. I do know I was pretty damn lucky, considering it's on the driver's side, but now I'm afraid of driving it and causing more damage from the wind pressure. Which is a problem; I'm supposed to be moving out of my apartment within the next 8 days.


And the seat covers are were fluffy, and the steering wheel cover is my wife's from something like five years ago. Moons and turtles wouldn't have been my first choice.

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