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  1. I almost heard it trying to listen again, but it sounds to me like the oscillated filter might be affecting the way the vocal track sounds.
  2. How many of these tracks have been used in film?
  3. Probably abandoned audio libraries.
  4. Do you mean "Here you are, secure and protected, in this, your special place"? And "See yourself now, in your imagination"?
  5. This was a fun trip. Roommate was watching One Strange Rock while I blasted the stream through my headphones, and some of those tracks playing made whatever episode was showing downright terrifying.
  6. I'm taking a big ol' bite out of an unsee sandwich now.
  7. I thought about this earlier, like a "find the sample" egg hunt.
  8. Needs more Orange. Also why does that muzak track sound so familiar?
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