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Fever Ray Live album


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The Guardian newspaper give away Fever Ray Live album this weekend (Saturday 24th)


The Guardian has teamed up with Rabid Records and Cooperative Music to give readers a live version of the debut album by Fever Ray. Following an exclusive interview in Friday’s Film and Music section there will be a unique URL printed in Saturday’s Guardian that will allow readers to download the album. The album was recorded in Sweden on 28 March 2009


1. If I Had a Heart

2. Triangle Walks.

3. Concrete Walks

4. Seven

5. I'm Not Done

6. Now's The Only Time I Know

7. Keep The Streets Empty

8. Dry and Dusty

9. Stranger With Kindness

10. When I Grow Up


I cannot wait! If anyone knows how/where I can get this (I'm Australian), please let me know.

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Guest GrandPopPoplock





My wallet has been getting raped by a lot of music this year . Today bought Moderat's 'Moderat'( Deluxe Edition ) and Amon Tobin's 'Fooly Room'


Now I gotta get this shit lol Eh , it's cool...it's all worth it in the end .

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