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  1. been playing an odd little physics platformer called Membrane
  2. Oliver has a great channel. He's clearly an articulate dude
  3. You're in Bris, yeh? All grain brewer over here. *waves* I am indeed. On a shoe-string budget!
  4. You're in Bris, yeh? All grain brewer over here. *waves*
  5. awww yiss, ticket and flights acquired!
  6. Watched A Gray State last night. A rewarding but miserable watch. also...: Theory Of Obscurity: A Film About the Residents - 7/10 Safe - 9/10 Sicario - 7/10 Les Blank: Always For Pleasure (Criterion Collection) - 100/10
  7. going to see The Killing of a Sacred Deer tomorrow. Everyone else's gripes only build my anticipation
  8. Thought Overcooked was out when I went to buy it last night (it wasn't). Bought Gonner instead. It's pretty intense! Not usually a fan of roguelikes but this one has me coming back
  9. the first one i really loved, it will be interesting to see how this one holds up, gonna buy it soon. how's the music? It's all over the place, some j-pop, some j-rock, some weird squid language singing, but damn it's so fully realized as a world, Nintendo has established what I'm sure is their next long running franchise (and the Youtube Splatoon anime series starts August 12, kinda like Pokemon Origins I believe). BTW, what happened to Bitroast? He deleted his watmm account, and disappeared from Switch. Am I the only Switch owner left here, and by default once again the Nint
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