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Folk Punk/Metal/Rock

Guest idrn

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so i already had a penchant for a bit of folk-metal like korplikaani and finntroll, but i'd never really heard much folk punk like flogging molly, dropkick murphys etc... this stuff is really floating my boat today. any recommendations? the weirder and more piratey the better!

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Alestorm for pirate metal


if you like korpiklaani you might also like moonsorrow, falkenbach, uh let me give this better thought and get back to you


Drudkh is one of my favorite folkish bands but they are more folk in there lyrics and themes than music


Also, the band Arkona is some russian slavic folky shit, their lead singer added me on facebook yesterday so i've only heard some snippets on myspace. you may like it, my girlfriend said she thought it was cool and she loves finntroll and korpliklaani

hopefully i'll be back later, i've got more.


course these are all metal, not punk or rock.

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this...is cool








...aand try this czech band... cool stuff..some folk-doom..but very nice...









edit: oops...you were looking for folk-punk...either way, hope you will like the linked tracks..

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Guest Dirty Protest

Sorry to sound obvious, but the Pogues album 'If I Should Fall from Grace with God' is exactly the album your looking for.

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