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  1. I don´t know... can be that it is not thin and stuff... fatter version or something
  2. Most favorite of frozen pizzas I buy these days... nothing special but I really enjoy it...
  3. like a month ago... I was smoking at my balcony a pigeon flew over and he literally clapped his wings mid flight... and flew away... no bullshit
  4. bought a shitload of books...winter is coming - can´t skate so I´ll be reading a lot... now going through: Rutger Bregman - Human kind James Bridle - New Dark Age
  5. 3D Clash games... small online FPS games but they are multiplayer so it is a lot of fun... gonna try them all...
  6. tripe soup...without eating the tripes...
  7. Just a question... does MuZiq sign in any of his tracks himself? I was just listening to Sick Porter and thought about this...
  8. Here is my playlist from local skate action where I played on saturday... 3 best tricks plus game of skate (quite long)... 20210814 KULTURPARK SKATE SESSION PLAYLIST Pimps of Joytime - Street Sounds (7:59) Cee-Roo - Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar (Cee-Roo Remix) (3:23) DJ Bitman - Shine (3:15) 2tall - Perpetual Patterns (2:56) Various Artists - Linkrust - Get It Done Yourself (2:30) Restless Leg Syndrome - Ya Nass (4:13) Asamov feat. Mr. Lif - Supa Dynamite (4:47) Foreign Islands - We Know You Know It (3:22) Maxďmo Park - Our Velocity (3:20) Mr. Lif and Akrobatik are The Perceptionists - The Best Route (2:53) J Rocc - Play This Too (5:01) Jaylib - Champion Sound (Instrumental) (2:26) Adlib Swayze - Lords Of The Underground - Tic Toc (rmx) (4:25) Best Fwends - Skate Or Live (2:19) !!! - Hello Is This Thing On (7:33) Gostface Killah - Mighty Healthy (Vollenbak Vulgar Edit) (2:21) Gang Starr - Code Of The Streets (3:28) Public Enemy - Give It Up (4:42) Various Artists - Think Big (3:34) agent oh - workinit - del tha funkee (5:00) therocketdogz-donutz-from-the-outer-space (2:28) Descendents CoolToBeYou (2:24) Bracket Sour (2:22) CALAGAD 13 - Hardbreakerz (4:30) Adrian Champion - Bombs Over Orchids (The White Stripes + Outkast) (3:13) DJ Food - Mr. Quicke Cuts The Cheese (4:29) The Notorious J.B.'s - B.I.G. Poppa's Got A Brand New Bag (3:59) Dead End Records - Atrocity Solution - Banshee (3:31) Be Peace - The Rebirth of Johnny Blaze (3:29) DJ Shadow - Walkie Talkie (Irn Mnky "Beat Down" Mix) (4:13) Dan the Automator & Del the Funky Homosapien - Positive Contact (4:54) Fela Soul - Oooh (feat. Redman) (4:02) AbJo - Alma do Sol (Introdução) (4:30) Jazz Spastiks - On Your Stereo (3:01) The Crooklyn Dodgers - Crooklyn (4:32) Terry Poison - 24 hours (3:33) Koushik - Bright and shining (3:58) Ear Dr. Umz - ISAIDNO (2:31) Jaz Rawla - funkee freshh (3:01) Lord Beatjitzu - Kid Fresh (Super Karateca) (2:19) Big Wheel Records - Nichiel's - Travail & Suicide (2:50) Method Man - Rite ft. Method Man (3:27) Cee-Roo - Jackson 5 - I Want You Back (Cee-Roo Remix) (3:43) Roots Manuva - Let the spirit (Hot Chip remix radio edit) (3:56) NOFX Electricity (2:06) TheDickies DonutMan (2:56) Run-D.M.C. - King Of Rock (4:39) Mike Ladd - Trouble Shot (3:49) Skyzoo & !LLMIND - Speakers On Blast Main Master (3:32) Mr. Lif - Home of the Brave (3:46) Beastie Boys - Root Down (Free Zone Mix) (3:47) DIGITAL DIAMONDS: Scoop DeVille Jonwayne Chuck Inglish - DELIRIOUS (4:17) no artist - AudioTrack 13 (2:46) DJ Shadow - Halfway Home (Awkward Mix) (4:51) El-P - The Full Retard (3:39) Cut Chemist feat Edan & Mr. Lif - Storm (3:29) no artist - AudioTrack 02 (3:38) no artist - AudioTrack 01 (3:37) Takamaru Gaiden - Migos-Bad And Boujee (Takamaru Gaiden Remix) (4:17) Conrank - Gunspitter (4:29) Newcleus - Jam On It (8:04) @JUKEunderground - When I Hear Music- Debbie [Dice Beats Juke Remix] (4:55) Chrissy Murderbot ft. MC Zulu - The vibe is so right (Ghosts On Tape remix) (6:05) no artist - AudioTrack 03 (3:34) Beastie Boys - Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win (Feat. Santigold) (Major Lazer Remix) (4:04) Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force - Planet Rock (4:00) B Real x Dr. Greenthumb - B Real - All Black Everything ft.Snow Tha Product & Demrick (Produced by Scoop DeVille) (DatPiff Exclusive) (2:33) Rief Chocka - Busta Rhymes - Touch It ( Rief Chocka Remix) (3:26) Jarreau Vandal - Skepta 'Thats Not Me' (Vandalized Edit) (2:20) The Slew - Robbing Banks (Doin' Time) (3:56) The SugarHill Gang - Apache (Jump On It) (6:14) KRS-One - Sound of Da Police (Reilly Steel Remix) (3:42) CALAGAD 13 - ROCK THE PARTY (5:50) MeFirstAndTheGimmeGimmes ScienceFictionDoubleFeature (2:34) Omid - Fresh Communication (4:12) StrungOut BringOutYourDead (2:51) Instrumentals - So Damn Tuff Instrumental (DatPiff Exclusive) (3:55) Jay Z - The death of autotune-99 problems (wallpaper remix) (3:15) Africa Hitech - Out In The Streets (5:12) NOFX TheIrrationalityOfRationality (2:32) DillingerFour NobleStabbings (3:03) Marqant Music - Ante Up (feat. M.O.P.) (3:55) A Tribe Called Quest Feat. Leaders Of The New School - Scenario (4:09) Consumed HeavyMetalWinner (2:29) Jel & Odd Nosdam - SHAZAM • instrumental (Kenny Dennis EP) (2:08) Dan the Automator & Del the Funky Homosapien - Mastermind (3:37) DJ M•ROK - Mouthful of Fronts (116 BPM) (2:29) Public Enemy Feat.Anthrax - Bring Tha Noize (3:25) Onyx & Biohazard - Judgment Night (4:34) Death Angel - Truce (3:30) Red Fang - Hank is Dead (2:34) Biohazard Feat.Sticky Fingaz - New World Disorder (6:44) DJ MVP - DOPE D.O.D - Ridiculous (5:48) Death - Living Monstrosity (5:08) G-FELES - Sadat X KRS & Rahzel - Blow Up Da Spot (remix G-FELES) (4:54) Dr. Dre & Ice Cube - Natural Born Killaz (4:51) Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff (2:46) Korn Feat.Nas - Play Me (3:21) Twiztid - We Don't Die (3:13) The Renegades - Welcome To My Hood - Dj Khaled ft T-Pain, Rick Ross, Plies and Lil Wayne (Instrumental) (DatPiff Exclusive) (4:07) The Renegades - Make Ya Famous - Ace Hood (Instrumental) (DatPiff Exclusive) (5:13) Ron Browz - Write Cha Name Feat Papoose (Produced By Ron Browz) (DatPiff Exclusive) (3:36) The Renegades - Be Great - Ace Hood (Instrumental) (DatPiff Exclusive) (3:43)
  9. You run media from your head to other heads worldwide every fucking day since 2015 or so...
  10. https://arovane.bandcamp.com/album/wirkung Symphonic in its scope and variety, Arovane made Wirkung to convey emotions, expressions, and experiences. The title translates into English as “effect,” something fundamental to the nature and practice of music. For Arovane, that means following the inspiration of the romantic composers in their ethos of creating music that was “individualistic, emotional, dramatic and often programmatic. Am I a romantic person? Yes!”, he says.This story with sounds is filled with the warmth and grain of substantial timbres, colored with bright, metallic shapes and punctuated with occasional rhythms, notably on the title track. This is not an album of beats but of constant motion from mood to mood, through shades of light and darkness.“It is a nice idea to find romance” in digital music making, Arovane points out, “and there is a soul in those sounds, in my opinion.” Wirkung is that romanticism in electronic music, a drama channeled through voltage and microprocessors, with tracks like “find” and “stat” flowing over from half-forgotten memories of late-night viewings of Blade Runner and Solaris, of cold, crisp air after a winter snowfall, and the hazy warmth of an August morning.The album’s moods are Arovane’s, carried over to his compositions, each one “implemented,” as he says, “in a specific sound image.” Though produced during 2020, Wirkung is a blissful escape from the stresses and anxieties of that lost year. The pandemic, the musician says, didn’t influence him musically. “It can only be felt indirectly, if at all,” he adds, “I had much more time to make music than usual.” Time, and focus—“It’s very, very quiet where I live, a small village. The disturbing news was from afar”—those resources come through on the album. The obvious sonic comforts of tracks like “aer” and “elagnt” are supported by a core of emotional clarity. That feeling of direction and purpose continues all the way through the concluding track, “komposition no. 1.” At first, that music is a surprise, a succinct improvisation multi-tracked with a harpsichord patch and a Neupert clavichord lute instrument. It’s the interaction, or “wechselwirkung” of two melodies. Arovane agrees that “this falls out of the album concept in terms of sound and composition, yes.” But it looks to the future, as “it forms a bridge to a new album,” in the works for later this year.
  11. https://bleep.com/release/202991-various-artists-idmemo-a-future-of-nostalgia-compiled-by-vladimir-ivkovic-and-ivan-smagghe since 11december 2020 avaliable on BLEEP Following in the ever present shadows of the Artificial Intelligence compilations of the early 90's, IDMEMO brings together a whole host of leading lights from the world of electronic music and its nearby territories. The tone is set from the very first track of the first disc - Cylob’s robot-voiced ‘Are We Not Men Who Live And Die’ is pitched somewhere between Laurie Anderson and Devo. Across subsequent entries from artists such as Global Communication, I.F. and Replicant we hear sprawling IDM, ambient textures and Plaid-esque electronic compositions which are flushed with a warm depth of feeling that, although it may emerge from synthetic instrumentation, feels distinctly humane. The second volume sees contributions from the likes of Seefeel and The Black Dog hit upon the same terrain. Some of the tracks here push on through from IDM-adjacent electronic music into other genres, a choice which gives this compilation good variation as it progresses. Passarani 2099’s ‘Ixora’ has a halcyon-glow junglist vibe about it that recalls recent work from the likes of Lone and Special Request; entries from Tinfoil Teakettle and Funckarma both have a strong 80s feel to their chunky synth sounds; and Spiritualized’s beatific ‘Anyway That You Want Me’, which closes out IDMEMO’s first disc, is the sort of gorgeous, synapse popping loop based song which reminds the listener of the qualities that have distinguished Spiritualized’s music ever since the project came to prominence in the 1990s. IDMEMO: A Future Of Nostalgia is a two-disc compilation from the outer reaches of electronic music compiled by two of the genres most diligent selectors. The harmonious, the inventive and the beautiful on offer here will not disappoint.
  12. I grew up on TWS 4wheeldrive, cinematographer, Interface, Zero,Toy Machine videos, Shortys - Fullfill the Dream, 411 magazine videos and Birdhouse - The End for example... (literally a lot ;))
  13. yeah... skate 4 life... I skated once this year... thanks to corona can be said but mostly because I have quite a fat belly and I want to lose it before skating again (so I exercise and stuff)... I don´t like to skate like this that much... want to get to my classic shape and skate then...
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