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  1. maybe someone gonna be interested in this... came out on 27Oct-2020 https://exoticdancerecords.bandcamp.com/album/all-tomorrows-parties
  2. I play music at skate actions in my city... this thursday I play on the main street as there is some 2weeks long city action and we are included... I skate since 90s but I am fat since 2015 so I wasn´t doin it so often,... recently I went and I found out that it´s still fun so I am waiting for the heat to go away and enjoy it again in autumn...
  3. some people in my head don´t want to go away...
  4. check designmuseum instagram or weirdcoretv instagram for more info...
  5. https://csindustrial1982-2010.bandcamp.com/album/quarantaine
  6. Autechre, Nightmares On Wax, Stereolab, Sonic Youth, Boards Of Canada
  7. just heard Amhain sampler yesterday (free - pay what you want on his Bandcamp) ...gonna buy som stuff of his soon...
  8. I dreamed about 2NE1 again... in a part of the dream I was shopping with CL, and in another one we were in some kinda of hotel which then exploded but I think we all survived...
  9. quite yes... mostly Ristorante... plus some other brands...
  10. Esmectatons ...they had own bandcamp page with loooots of free stuff but it´s down looks like... they still have some other stuff there just search for it...
  11. SPAWN soundtrack... can´t stop lovin it...
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