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Circuit Bent Alesis SR 16

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Guest spraaaa



Each switch connects to one bend point and the other switches, so it's kind of like a patchbay and you can get a different bend for each combination of switches. You can do a different bend with the switches on either side, or connect them with the switch on the bottom left. You can get some pretty grimey sounds and switch them quickly.


I did this to see if I could do it, and ended up fucking up one part. There's an extra bend (not controlled by switches) which is on all the time. It does kind of light distortion/gating depending on the sound selected. Not as intrusive as some of the crazy ring mod type effects, but still you might not want to get this for that famous raw Alesis SR-16 sound.


Some combinations of lots of switches (like more than 3 on each side) will turn it off, which is probably normal for circuit bending. There are a couple extra holes where I didn't have enough clearance for the switches, they're covered up with black electrical tape.


Midi/sequencing functions normally, the bending only affects the sounds.


A few demos, each is one pattern with different combinations of switches. There's occassional extra clipping noise from my soundcard.







Asking $300 + s&h (probably around $15 for US).

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