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wAgAwAgA - Climate Control Live Mix

Guest splagawaga

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Guest splagawaga

ello peeps!


Big thanks to Ed Teach and cogidubnus here in manchester. They got me up to play at sicknote on friday at the saki bar. Had a chance to crack out some wonky acid, bit of dubstep and the odd jungle tune. Great crowd and plenty of zaps from the oscillator. Saturday we went down to All FM for the Climate Control radio show. Set my stuff up and jammed about for about an hour. Tried to put in a bunch of unreleased/forthcoming stuff for anyone who cares to listen. Lots of new stuff in there, bit of drum machine as well :)




http://climatecontrol.1bpm.net/Climate%20Control%20ft.%20Wagawaga%20-%2018.09.10.mp3 (full show)



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