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EDGEY - Misfire


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EDGEY Misfire (CD)

HANDS D157 Hands Paper Pack

Taking the techy, aggressive powernoise of 'Square Form Annihilations' and the cleaner more methodical beat-driven styling's of 'Flawed', EDGEY delivers his third and long awaited full-length release on HANDS. No stranger to conflicting sound design; EDGEY's 'Misfire' explores the dichotomy of rough and powerful noise with the smooth and methodical structures of breakcore-oriented drum’n’bass and idm. EDGEY's latest release is as dangerous as a misfire. It’s storm full of energy and roughness and reminds you why EDGEY is one of the brightest stars in the breakcore-drum’n’bass universe. Stephen James Knight AKA EDGEY is a New York based electronic music producer, writer and artist working in the veins of Drum n Bass, IDM, Breakcore, Noise and Industrial for over 15 years, cataloguing a respectable number of releases in each of the varying genre's, and continues to help shape the sound for the future.



1. Before The Storm

2. Terminal Accretion

3. Stress Failure

4. Drown

5. Chaosbane

6. Treatment

7. Left Wanting

8. Trouble Horizon

9. I Become

10. Revenge

11. Floor Crank


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