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late 90's keyboards


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Guest hahathhat

incidentally, here's the keyboard/computer that turned me into the massive fucking nerd i am today.



nice! neighbors would give me old computer stuff from the attic because they knew i liked it. i got one of those that way -- same one, portable II. had some cheesy golf game on it.


i should note a lot of this cool stuff mysteriously disappeared from the basement when i went away to college. :cry:

yeh the one we had for years had MS golf, a space invaders clone, and BASIC. MUSIC.BAS was my first attempt at making music with a computer, trying to dissect how they made all the shitty beeps play when they did and all. like i said, made me a huuuuge fucking nerd.

i very nearly bought one not too long ago, it was broken and i was contemplating filling it with modern hardware because HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE?


hacked by qbasic gorillas.bas


some nice bloke on the sdiy mailing list said he had this yamaha XM/FM synth card fing he didn't want... mailed it to me on his own dime. i think his name was charlie, and the card smelled like cigarettes. it went into the luggable for increased swankitude. that was before i really got into music, though, so i didn't even realize what i could have done with it!

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