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  1. A young hoodlum used to hang out at this park as a teenager, smoking cigarettes and listening to french house. Super weird to see it in the news! In a few weeks, I'll be leaving Florida. It's just too fucking hot. I'm getting to the age where my body can't keep up with the heat. But also, it seems like it's getting hotter every year and I don't want to see where this wild ride ends!
  2. I'm glad to see that 10 years later some things never change and Alcofribas is still hilarious.
  3. Hoodie


    She sounds very cold to be abandoning you in such a time of need, much more than could be excused by her cultural background. Sorry that you're going through this. I hope you're able to find mental and physical healing over the next year. In a way, considering her behavior, perhaps she was sapping you emotionally in other ways that you might not have even recognized at the time.
  4. Wow, felt a real shock seeing this. RIP Salv, you beautiful soul. I wish you could've been in this world longer.
  5. it seems like traffic to watmm has slowed down, no? not enough people to sustain a chatroom.
  6. i've been working from home mostly full time for the past couple of years with some office visits. if your job primarily involves being at a computer, there's really no reason to have to commute into work. how many remote workers here also have a flexible schedule? that's really the icing on the cake for remote work. no reason to have to maintain a strict 8-5 imo
  7. sad to hear that you're dealing with that. will the immunotherapy totally get rid of the cancer or does it just keep it from spreading? i'm not too familiar with how that works compared to chemo.
  8. seems like the rate limiting for discogs could prove to be an issue since it's a max of 90 requests per hour. you'd have to implement some type of caching. that seems like the most complex piece of this. i think it'd be smart to make this an add-on right off the bat and open source it, probably would get more contributors that way.
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