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Vagina Dentata - Brace EP


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This is not properly a creation from me but lately I've been playing some synths in a punk hardcore band with friends. It may be quite different from the tracks that are habitually posted here but some of you could actually like it : I'm not a punk or hardcore listener at all but I think the songs are quite original and relatively a lot melodic.


Vagina Dentata (soundcloud)


The only electronic sounds fits in the two tracks Bloody Rainbow / I Wanna Die, which are notably chained by a multi-layered monotron performance :




Also a more electronic song is in preparation, based on an Antape composition that I didn't finished as Antape, and which I think could be very interesting in terms of mix between some hip / hop glitched beats and high distorted guitar riffs (sorry about the actual old-fashioned statement of the glitch).




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