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  1. with "2015 live releases" i meant 2014, just noticed now. excited to hear the other ones!
  2. my phone is not an intelligent one so I couldn't see your messages guys, schade! would have enjoy a beer and a little debriefing with some watmmers... next time! this was great. first time I saw them live, amazing. I didn't got into the elseqz as much as the two previous releases (not talking about the live ones) but what I heard tonight made me think they're elaborating on the 2015 live releases + eleseq and it was a real brain fuck. my body loved it too. pinnacle for me: the series of the three tracks "funny one with pretty fast percussive melodic sounds" + "dancefloor one with the fat a
  3. I'll be there too. But didn't think about watmm till now heh. PM if you read that? I'll leave home in about 20 minutes but I can send my number with a PM before.
  4. hi, I just post out of curiosity: how did you find yourself using the K1m, I mean for which type of sounds? Never heard about this synth and I'd still like to replace my Yamaha CS1x one of those days because I quite dislike to program it. I'm looking for a capable synth for pads.
  5. Another JJOS2XL question: I'd like to create nice "break" programs in order to use the classic breaks I like to manipulate (think, sesame street etc...). I love Renoise for that because you can use the "trigger sample from XX start point" command but also program your Renoise instrument so that the sample (I mean the whole break) keeps playing in loop until the next start point you enter in the timeline, allowing you to program really fluid drum breaks. I'd like to mimic that behavior with a MPC1000 program but I actually doubt it's possible!... If I use the "Chop" function, create say 8 c
  6. that's very probably the best way to go! didn't think about it, thanks :-) it's a shame that it's not possible to do that with an audio track though: for that kind of recorded loops it's more appropriate because the sound will play anytime when you unmute the track. If you use a program the sound will just start playing if the track is unmuted at the moment where the sample is triggered, except if you use the MIDI Level mute mode, which isn't an option for me as I use the MPC mainly to sequence MIDI. maybe there's a work-around with Programs but I still didn't find it. edit: regarding the
  7. enjoying my MPC1000 since a month or two, what a great piece of gear! I'd like to find out how to do something special though and have difficulties solving that completely alone (I'm on JJOS2XL): I'd like to sample a synth line (need several voices of that synth with different settings) but I'm not sure how to do it. The synth line is poly, actually just one note playing after the other one but the release is long enough so that each note didn't completely faded out when the next one starts. Also it's a straight contrapuntal line: each note plays between the beat. So the problem is, if
  8. Thanks guys for the positive feedback. The last track of the edit, Dartz1, comes from my software setup (Renoise/Reaper) but it didn't sound too good in that version mix wise. The hardware version sounds more "classic" somehow but also more solid, I'm still surprised you can actually program that kind of beat with the Electribe ESX1 (but in the end, why not actually? surely you won't come up with it if you think it's impossible to make it). Anyway I still want to work on the pads for the hardware version, I do almost all my pads with a Yamaha CS1X so far and I don't like to program this synth,
  9. I have a Quadraverb 2 and there you can definitely map the time value of delays. What I didn't understand is how to map any parameter to the modulation wheel, which is in most of the cases the first controller I would think of using. On the MPC it's CC0 but that doesn't seem to work. Have to make some searches.
  10. Not a proper track but a selection of excerpts recorded during my live-set rehearsals. Strictly hardware, what you hear is the stereo mix of the mixer + a couple of edits (but no layering) and a quick mastering in Reaper. Didn't wanted to post it here in the first place: I just made it yesterday because I want a demo to search for places where I can play with my setup but in the end I thought it ended up sounding nice and giving a good idea of my set so in case someone care, here it is: [sc5]254839527[/sc5] Most of the tracks don't have a fully recorded version: the focus was to work o
  11. i found the library track really pleasant, nice ambient techno or whatever. sounds sweet for the ears also!
  12. Nice drum manipulation, how did you sequence that? If I would develop that I would probably add a new instrument to it, another flavor to the whole (obviously can't suggest anything concrete there). why do you call the track "atonal" by the way? it has melodies and chords to my ears
  13. I own a Bass Station 2 for about a year. It's certainly a versatile synth although it's better at clean sounds than it is at dirty sounds imo. Further IMOs: - I actually also think it's better at lead sounds than it is at bass sounds! you can make good basses with it, some decent acid sounds but the sounds I came up with it and I'm happier with are rather lead sounds for some reason. The fact there's practically no keyboard tracking (apart some filter keyboard tracking if you use the "acid" one I think but you can't fine tune it) makes it sometimes hard to use in a large octave range (beca
  14. finally got a black one with JJOS1 and the RAM upgrade for 565€. thought i would found a cheaper one but that was still a good deal for Germany. I'm sticking to it since yesterday, compared to the MPC500 it's day and night! everything goes faster and it's so much more practical... did some of you guys know both JJOS1 and 2XL? I'll probably try the demo of JJOS2XL in the next days. I heard a lot that "the learning curve of JJOS2XL is pretty steep" but I already feel very comfortable with JJOS1 (although I still don't know every aspect of it as I just use it as a MIDI sequencer so far). Can
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