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TV Victor - The Ways Of The Bodies & Timeless Deceleration

Guest Hanratty

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Guest Hanratty

This is one dope reissue. Reminds me of the Necks, Manual Gottshung. Produced by Moritz Von Oswald. Not typical of Tresor, although I love typical Tresor too.


"This release is a reissue of two of German producer Udo Heitfield's albums for Tresor, from 2000 and 2002 respectively. The passage of time has done little to tarnish the productions and of the two albums, the three untitled tracks from The Ways of the Bodies have some bearing with dub techno, unfolding in a dreamy, jazzed out manner over the course of 20-30 minutes each. "Timeless" meanwhile is a more ambient work, but Heitfield manages to keep the listener's attention with the hour-long "All" and "You", two dreamy, abstract works. That they sound all the more relevant given techno's shift towards off-beat sounds is testament to Heitfield's timeless sound."

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