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Slub live in Paris 20110930

Guest yaxu

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Slub sound emerges from slub software; melodic and chordal studies, generative experiments and beat processes. Process-based sonic improvisations; live generative music using hand crafted and live coded apps, scripts and l-systems in networked synchrony. With roots in UK electronica and tech culture, slub build their own software environments for creating music in realtime. Only custom composition and DSP software is used. Everything you hear is formed by human minds.


Slub are Dave Griffiths, Alex McLean and Ade Ward They started writing software to make music to drink beer in 2000, making crowds jump to their code across Europe including at the Sonar, STRP, Sonic Acts, Piksel, Secret Garden Party, Ultrasound, Lambda, Make Art, Ars Electronica and Transmediale festivals. Since 2004 their sets have been live coded mostly from scratch, their screens projected so the audience can see the code develop with the music. No two slub performances are the same, and they hardly ever record anything, so this is a rare opportunity to hear some slub music on repeat. Enjoy it!


More info: http://chordpunch.com/releases/cp0x08/

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