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Conversation with Kenneth Goldsmith (UbuWeb) on his sound collection


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Conversation with Kenneth Goldsmith (UbuWeb) on his sound collection


Link: http://bit.ly/IoDRkN

PDF: http://bit.ly/JVv1yU


This is a conversation by email with record and sound collector Kenneth Goldsmith, which took place on April 2012, to prepare a monograph on his sound collection for Ràdio Web MACBA. Featuring some questions by Rick Prelinger.


Kenneth Goldsmith is the founding editor of the online archive UbuWeb (ubu.com), a universal source of reference for avant-garde art on the Internet. An underground project that has no institutional backing or budget of any kind, UbuWeb is an exhaustive and also personal repository that reflects the tastes, quirks and obsessions of its creator. A compulsive digital collector, Goldsmith's personal archive extends far beyond the in itself unfathomable UbuWeb.



Follow us at http://twitter.com/Radio_Web_MACBA

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