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Guest hahathhat

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Guest DrHat

i have a pretty damn large subwoofer. it has an anus in the back, where all the bass comes out. i wished to make a large amount of noise a while ago, so i stuck an SM57 into the aforementioned anus. then i ran that into my trusty bluetube and into my mixer.


it is fucking loud.


however, it is also very fun to play with. EQ allows me a little tuning of the sound, effects too. Even without that, it's a fun toy. If you're gentle, it builds very slowly, and you can have continually changing bass sound, only having to nudge a fader a few times a minute. i left it hooked up, and am debating its potential as an effects unit...


anyways, that's mine. what do you use when you want to make some LOUD NOISES? anything is game as long as it's involved in the LOUD NOISE process... software, hardware, kitchen utensils, in-laws, etc.

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Guest sinkfield

i like making feedback loops with diff. effects on diff. sends in ableton and putting compressors and gates and limiters on the diff. channels so i can controll better the levels

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yeah i got this ghetto mic from radioshack with a built in echo, the echo time is about .5 sec, so it sucks...



anyways if i put that up to my sub it makes me giggle hehehehe

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