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  1. Yeah this is childs play with the phrase editor. You could even make the clips the same phrases but different root notes or completely different patterns. Pretty sure the answer to everything is renoise and not 42.
  2. A chin scratching, slow building, and throws down hard! Could benefit from some compression. Cheers!
  3. That terrifying last second of the song when the compression releases and it sounds like some slobbery robot dog licking my ear.
  4. Eurorack drill/jungle/dnb stuffs Mostly Eloquencer, 1010 Bitbox, Clouds, Dixie2, Belgrad, Erbeverb, Kickall, and 2hp Brst
  5. acid1


    Super groovy! Produced really clean! I enjoyed that a lot!
  6. Very nice, I hope the soundtrack for Cyberpunk 2077 sounds like this when you take to the sky!
  7. I really dig that Metamorphasis track. Very relaxing and nostalgic sounding!
  8. I like this one. Its catchy and easy to dance to. I was not a fan of that synth that comes in around the 2:00, but other than that I don't have any issues. I thought the funniest part was when you flipped that "6 million ways to die" sample and instead made it say "6666" lol
  9. Thanks, man! My daughter is still in the newborn state, so I basically sneak sessions in when she's sleeping. Being sleep deprived certainly makes things trickier. TBH, if I ever got to your state as you described I'd feel like I was a successful father. You should be super proud, cheers! #dadgoals
  10. I think Yang's comment about how our personal data should be treated as personal property was the smartest thing said that night.
  11. After debating various mixers/interfaces, I ended up getting myself a Zoom L-20. I am very happy with it so far. I didn't realize how nice of a feature "auto-record" is.
  12. Really dense interesting stuff going on here!
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