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  1. Been working from home for 6 years now. I could never go back to an office. Why I like working from home: I get my own interruption free space that I'm constantly improving I'm not wasting all my time and money traveling My dog loves having me around all the time I can meal prep/eat healthy, workout whenever I want I can blast the Collapse EP 20x per day Schedule is generally flexible, I work from like 7-3ish every day, somedays more some less, get coffee, take a shower, go on a walk when i feel like it My boss trusts I can get work done without hoovering over me I generally get paid a salary based on my skill vs location
  2. Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing seems like the perfect combination for dealing with rage and anxiety righ tnow.
  3. 90 seconds isn't the end of the world to me. I am used to the 2kb limit on the nerdseq and 2mb limit on the MD. Stop being lazy and chop those samples 😄
  4. In all seriousness, you ever try Nerdseq/LSDJ. I was completely blown away how smart the inputs are and never really thought you could do a tracker with 4 arrow keys and 6 buttons. I was wrong.
  5. And in this corner.... https://xor-electronics.com/nerdseq-portable/ As a lover of trackers, it is the sexiest time to be quarantined.
  6. This all seems very IDM. Do we even need a most IDM 2020? Can we just start working on the compilation?
  7. Holy fucking shit. A hardware tracker. Insta buy!
  8. So here is some braindance!! Recently discovered and been highly inspired by Bogdan Raczynski's productions and methodologies. Most of the new stuff I am working is all tracker composions, written quickly, and trying getting as close to my natural "sound" as I can without being buried in a mountain of gear and perfectionism.
  9. I hate to admit it, but everything I am hearing and seeing on youtube about the models cycles is great. I realize I can dial all these sounds in via the digitone, but these preset machines probably speeds things up significantly.
  10. I refuse to buy any of the model series. Overpriced pieces of shit.
  11. I find the MD quite complete but lacks in a few ways. The 2.5mb limitation for sampling and transfer via midi comes to mind,. I wouldn't mind a fucking microSD card. The old machine's lack some of the classic elektron features we come to love now like conditional trigs. I still would never trade my MD for anything. I want a new MNM because I don't want to spend the insane prices they are listed for on reverb pre-covered in knob twiddler spunk.
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