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  1. Brain dance and breaks
  2. Thats the unfortunate state of things, I simply do not have time to self promote. I'm also out of the loop of what record labels out there exist that put out this kind of music. I wouldn't turn down an opportunity if it were offered to me. Thanks for the kind words @Grain Bastard!
  3. LOL thanks :not_sure_if_serious: Pretty sure I'd need a label/album before that and the only people that know my music exists are in this thread.
  4. Thanks! Every time I approach drums in a song its a little different to keep things interesting. I will say I usually stick to trackers of some sort like Renoise, Redux, and Nerdseq. I enjoy layering drum loops ontop of eachother and then cut them up to give them a more manic and noisy feel. Sometimes its best to just generate a bunch of drums by any means necessary then "fix"/rearrange in your daw. Unrelated to Papa John but this is a new one
  5. The new disting has a full on display My old disting is permanantly in stereo ping pong delay mode.
  6. I started this on 4/20 but got too lazy to finish it until now.
  7. Cheers! She hit 8 months old and magically she's a ton easier. I realize this is also the calm before the storm of that once she starts crawling/walking and then I gotta keep my eyes on her all the time ?
  8. Good fun! finish it!
  9. Timing wise it was all done with a tracker. Not sure what genre it is. Thanks for listen!
  10. Been working from home for 6 years now. I could never go back to an office. Why I like working from home: I get my own interruption free space that I'm constantly improving I'm not wasting all my time and money traveling My dog loves having me around all the time I can meal prep/eat healthy, workout whenever I want I can blast the Collapse EP 20x per day Schedule is generally flexible, I work from like 7-3ish every day, somedays more some less, get coffee, take a shower, go on a walk when i feel like it My boss trusts I can get work done without hoovering over me I generally get paid a salary based on my skill vs location
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