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  1. A buddy of mine put my music to some visuals. I'm just happy my tunes were considered
  2. The touchscreen portion is supposed to be used like a kaos pad. Just a big xy modulation thing. All controls are done via the keys similar to LSDJ
  3. I purchased a Piston Honda back in November and just got a tracking number today.
  4. This is a great thread and I don't have much to contribute beyond what people have already said. I agree to focus on the part of the melody you like, and try to remove any notes that don't need to be there. This also leaves a lot more room for counter point, which I don't think you need to study, but is something that my ears tend to enjoy. If I can stack 2+ melodies ontop of eachother and they sound good to me I am happy. I'm convinced this is what happens to people like me who have too many monosynths. I have a buddy with the opposite approach. He tries to make music with no notes
  5. Fuck yeah! LTJ Bukem vibes until it goes straight Squarepusher at 1:30.
  6. Well done, sir! Excellent Jungle!
  7. Thanks for the listens! ❤️
  8. Felt like I was the last person on earth but I got my vaccine today. I don't mind getting covid and I understand thats a risk after being vaccinated but its my understanding I won't die now if I get it. Thats a big plus for my daughter's future.
  9. Some dude was like "Lets put Mutable Instruments Clouds in a guitar pedal" ?
  10. I am 1000% getting one of these this time around. I deeply regret not being a part of this first batch.
  11. acid1

    afx nft

    People pay $90k for these pokemon cards. Its stupid right? I can just print them out on some paper and play them. Whats the point?
  12. I hope so. The royalities section of the smart contract is probably the best aspect of NFTs. I'm sure most people know you can right click save, its the rarity/bragging rights they want. People pay ridiculous prices for first edition books/comics/literature.
  13. Good news is Ethereum is gradually moving to proof of stake vs proof of work so people can complain about the wealthy instead of the environment.
  14. Please excuse the shameless plug of my last braindance album: https://carriersignal.bandcamp.com/album/shark-arms
  15. I don't know who Pete Cannon is but the previews for his EP sounds like he knows how to amen.
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