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  1. I was really looking forward to seeing Trump defeated by a black woman. Now that shes out I'm hoping its Bernie because it would drive all the alt-right people completely insane.
  2. Redux. Mini renoise in a VST. The most overlooked, underpriced, IDM in a window possible.
  3. I also thought it was well established Prophecy was an El-B + Burial collab. Unfortunately, I think both artists are best without eachother.
  4. Yeah this guys whole back catelog is ridiculously impressive. Did you ever hear those songs where he did 1 per day for a year? Some of the stuff towards the end was rivalling some autechre dsp heavy stuff.
  5. Ugh... black friday purchases Noise Engineering Terci Ruina Noise Engineering Confundo AND Integra Funkitus Nerdseq
  6. Massive X seemed to fly completely under my radar, how is it?
  7. This is the correct answer. I was gonna try to do a mock up but I couldn't even figure out how to go to that page.
  8. Why not both? 😀 My other favorite sequencer is the Eloquencer which is basically an Elektron with more probability options. Combined with a nerdseq which also has chance effects and throw in a confundo to cross fader between the two and you have the best of all world's imo
  9. Anyone got an Doepfer A-124 Wasp filter? Those things die all the time. I think its distinctive sound comes from those shitty circuits. Makes me wonder if this will suffer the same fate.
  10. Featuring "vocals" from my daughter. Sitting her down infront of the Eurorack actually seems to make her stop crying sometimes, its probably just the interesting lights but I like to think she enjoys what I am doing. Acid overtones and jungle undertones. This one got a bit weird.
  11. I am in the same camp as you. I spent years in Renoise (and Buzz - I've seared typing "09 FF E8 01" into my brain ). This is why I am curious how other people feel about the workflow. That funny bloke Look Mum No Computer cooked a relatively banging jam pretty fast (10 minutes) on one of these things.
  12. Interestingly, they got an expander to allow you to connect a Genesis gamepad to it. https://xor-electronics.com/product/nerdseq-io-expander-black/
  13. I been GAS'ing pretty hard for a Nerdseq eurorack tracker. Anyone rocking one of these?
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