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  1. Shameless plug of my Burial sounding album incase this one isn't doing it for you
  2. Last month I made an EP of, for lack of a better description, Burial rip offs. I was in a chill mood. Ice water with ice. A couple WATMMer's have reached out to me in the past because they enjoyed my "fake" Burial leaks, so here you go, an entire EP's worth of that stuff. https://carriersignal.bandcamp.com/album/fallen https://open.spotify.com/album/0JQa2UEn8dyx1LMYblD6lO?si=Wxd9NtvRQR-aJtmVClRINg
  3. I have a buddy whose MD had a busted MIDI out and Master Volume pot. He opened the thing and fixed it himself without any real EE knowledge, just did shit tons of research, and combed the forums. He told Elektron about it, and actually got them to mail him an SDK kit. So there is hope for broken Elektrons.
  4. I'm also in the market for an audio interface. I'm leaning towards usb 2.0 just because of how compatible it would be between my mac and windows machines.
  5. A very clever buddy of mine actually did this. He made a max patch that basically loads random kits, patterns, params etc. Its fucking brilliant. https://patchstorage.com/inductive-machinedrum-randomizer/ Please tip this guy beer.
  6. I bug people in chat. But check this out, might be helpful
  7. This. But soon its gonna be replaced with a Make Noise Qpas
  8. You can definitely do this. Setup a midi track in ableton with an output that goes to your IAC bus that Super Collider is setup to use as a midi device. MIDIClient.init; MIDIClient.list; // to check, which are there, you can query them // create a midi out connection ~midiOut = MIDIOut.newByName("FastLane USB", "Port A"); // substitute your own device here // you may want to adjust the latency here ~midiOut.latency = 0.0; ~dirt.soundLibrary.addMIDI(\midi, ~midiOut); Then you can setup your device to respond to your midi clock via tidal: d1 $ midicmd "[start/4,midiClock*48]" # s "midi"
  9. I also wanted to add that TidalCycles goes a lot further if you integrate it with midi. The best way I found to do this is using the Dirt MIDI support. For your midi devices, you can use an IAC bus on OSX so you can multitrack all the shit you midi.
  10. You can record in Super Collider itself. I don't have it infront of me, but if you go to like Window/View -> there should be some sound recorder that does basic stereo recording.
  11. 2 × slots for attaching Powerhandle BP-1 (battery pack to be released at a later date)
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