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  1. Things have been cooling down
  2. Nice listen but I was kinda wishing they were gonna go full turbo nerd on some bass music.
  3. One does not just "Get Started Making Music" At the very least we need to wait for masterclass videos on how to use each piece of gear.
  4. I'm actually thrilled I never have to listen to him talk again.
  5. I think I remember one time I saw some Kanye doing an interview and he was bragging that he can see music. What he did was draw an MPC hovering above of a lake. Does anyone have that clip or did I imagine it?
  6. How many of these do I need to make Windowlicker?
  7. Wondering how people are enjoying their Trackers. I'm constantly on the fence about ordering one, but will probably eventually get one of every tracker on the planet. Can you adjust playback direction/speed per slice of a sliced sample? One of my favorite things to do is dedicate some slices to normal playback and others to ping pong/reversed/time stretched. Does the lack of synths onboard bother anyone? I've created synths out of samples plenty of times in Renoise but eventually I get to a point where I want more traditional sounds and alternate ways of achieving them. How
  8. I love all trackers. I wonder how much that m8 gonna cost. Any way you can PM me the price range?
  9. Thats the unfortunate state of things, I simply do not have time to self promote. I'm also out of the loop of what record labels out there exist that put out this kind of music. I wouldn't turn down an opportunity if it were offered to me. Thanks for the kind words @Grain Bastard!
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