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New podcast: 40 rants in 10 minutes, by Kenneth Goldsmith


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Music selected by Kenneth Goldsmith. Mix produced by Roc Jiménez de Cisneros


Link: http://bit.ly/OEgBBb

Related info: http://bit.ly/NBWQ1p

MP3: http://bit.ly/Uj3GHu


This is a collection of various strange bumpers that I used on my WFMU radio show, which ran from 1996–2010. Many of them became weekly signature sounds signifying for many listeners that it was time to turn off the radio for the next three hours. My show – known variously over the years as 'Unpopular Music' or 'Anal Magic' – was perhaps the most-hated show ever broadcast on WFMU. I have over a thousand bumpers, but for this podcast, I’ve selected about 40 of the best ones. Sometimes, I would do three hour radio shows, just stringing together one bumper after another. Most of these clips are of indeterminate origin, grabbed willy-nilly over the course of fifteen years, snagged from various LPs, cassette tapes, CDs and gems plucked from Napster. Kenneth Goldsmith, 2012.


+ info:

>>MEMORABILIA. COLLECTING SOUNDS WITH... Kenneth Goldsmith. Part I: http://rwm.macba.cat/investigacion/memorabilia_kenneth_goldsmith/capsula

>>Conversation with Kenneth Goldsmith (PDF): http://rwm.macba.cat/en/extra/memorabilia_kenneth_goldsmith_conversation/capsula

>>MP3 of Kenneth Goldsmith's lecture on his sound collection


>>Complete MEMORABILIA. COLLECTING SOUNDS WITH... series: http://rwm.macba.cat/en/memorabilia_tag/

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