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14x new + ableton now

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yesterday I did the first more serious attemp to make a sound with ableton
it took me hours to figure out "create midi clip" lol, now I added my favorite VST to ableton and that's all I need I'm such a newbe, haha! I also have no clue how to do the arragement, atm I just record everything as long as needed and after recording all at the same time I set everything up?!

the arrangement is kinda slow... maybe I could shorten the track to 6 minutes instead of 10.
most sounds come from MOOG (some ppl might know the sequence) the last sound comes from massive... all sounds come from the VSTs, no effects!



you can find the other 13 tracks here, most of them are done with fruity


feel free to comment anything, here or on SC
I'm also here to learn and get opinions + advices.


greets, have a pleasant weekend!

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Guest Frankie5fingers

that minute intro is fucking ace. but when that kick comes in the song turns to shit. id cut the song in half and ditch the kicks and call the song done.

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thx for the comment,

I like the intro too but I'm not sure if I can keep up with the it, maybe I give it another try it was pretty late yesterday too

the kicks a little bit off! :D
the massive sound takes away the endless ambient but it's not massive enough,

Maybe I'll make a whole new thing or a rework I'm not sure.

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