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check out my new shit!


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I finished my time with "re-editing", changing speed and re-arranging for now.
I'm trying to get experience with the "slicing" function now :D

I'd appreciate if check out this

made out of this



and another one made out of autchere exai






I have a couple of dozen new stuff on my profile I'm posting... I will just link them in the order I made them... if you'Re bored leave comments...
I have Re-Edits, VST works and sliced beats

thanks alot for listening

Beginning with the Re-Edits:

https://soundcloud.com/just-a-random-amateur/fly-ing-hay-hype-fame-demo-ta (abstract/slowed down hiphop)
https://soundcloud.com/just-a-random-amateur/lovepie1 (abstract/slowed down hiphop)
https://soundcloud.com/just-a-random-amateur/jankees-dis-fun (Mr. "Hello tubes")
https://soundcloud.com/just-a-random-amateur/dna-flying-lotus-message (beat)
https://soundcloud.com/just-a-random-amateur/gated-steinski-d1-06-1 (gated // dj hiphop)
https://soundcloud.com/just-a-random-amateur/windy-carl-03-my-love (abstract)
https://soundcloud.com/just-a-random-amateur/yourhand-braind (soundtrack)
https://soundcloud.com/just-a-random-amateur/seiken-densetsu-watertemple (filtered // hiphop)

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sorry for the tripple post :D I wanted everything to be linked correctly, if you listen to the first 2 songs in this thread I'm happy!

Here are my latest vst works imho they are way better than the other 3 but I guess it also depends on the mood... I never know rly...


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Oh I think have never made a quad(spamm)post but this forum won't let me edit and I'm stupid, I need this supporter account very bad ;) ;) :(!

I forgot the "most important" of my sliced beats !!!!!!!!!


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