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DJ Hennessy Youngman - NSA Bangers

Guest Hanratty

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Guest Hanratty



"Someone once said that freedom isn't free. It may have been Ronald Reagan, or a cowboy from a film whose title I've long forgotten, or maybe it was Reagan playing a cowboy in one of his numerous shitty movies. I don't know. ANYWAY. Let's get down to business:

NSA BANGERS is an audio landscape full of paranoia, espionage, epic snooping, unhealthy obsession, and the stress of being a contemporary type human being. Basically, NSA BANGERS is the soundtrack of Freedom! And Freedom is expensive y'all! Apparently, it like, costs your Freedom!"

This is some transcendent DJing for the 21st century. No fancy mixing, no deep knowledge of music on display, this is about storytelling and satire. More people need to hear this. Awe-inspiring.

edit: how do you put the sound file into the message? dang. this is good, really good.

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