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I've got an ESQ-1 which I love very much, but it's quite huge and I don't really have room for it, plus I only use sequencers and never play, so I'd like to trade it for an ESQ-M. Technically it's got no problem and all keys work and respond to velocity, but the cosmetic condition is only fair as its previous owner was a prog musician who hired a (locally famous) prog-jazz band to use it on his albums and tours, so the paint is quite scratched (it's the metallic version). The data entry slider works without jumping or anything but at the max setting it feels a bit rusty.


I'm also looking for a D-550 but I don't want to lose the ESQ-1 sounds... so I don't know. If you want to trade some cool rack synth tell me and I'll think about it.


I've got the original instruction manual.

The battery doesn't work but I can replace it for you if you want.


The trade can only be in Europe of course, because of import taxes.

I don't know how much shipping can be. It weighs around 15kg if I'm not mistaken. I promise to package it carefully.

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