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Selling a few vinyl...


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I don't normally trade records so I'm just using Discogs as a bit of a guide, so talk to me if you think I'm being an arse with any of my asking prices....


Autechre - Anvil Vapre (12") (VG+)
hesitate to sell because I'm a bit of an Autechre completist, but I'm a bit meh about these tracks so the record deserves a better home. It's the one with Second Bad Vilbel & Second Peng - - - £25

Atoms for Peace (9x12" Box Set) (NM)
wanted to sell for £100, will sell for less if anyone has the AMOK 2x12" and wants a swap...

HTRK - Body Lotion (12") (Mint)
Foolishly ordered this from overseas. Then it popped up on Norman and I'm a huge HTRK fan and I couldn't wait. Now I have 2. This one is sealed and mint... - - - £30

Sleaford Mods - Chubbed Up + (12") (NM)

I'm just not feeling it - - - £12

Flying Lotus - You're Dead! (2x12") (NM)
See above! :( - - - £15

Actress - Xoul (12") (NM)
And again... - - - £20

Actress - Grey Over Blue (12") (NM)
Yep - - - £15



If anyone wants to trade, I'm really after;
Hood (not Cold House tho, have that)


Bjork Debut or Medulla
Massive Attack - Blue Lines or Heligoland
Brazilian Stuff, Bossa Nova etc.
Autechre (Exai, LP5, EP7s, Amber or Tri Rep)

If you have a bunch of other things I can't think of please let me know :)

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