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It's an old scale that was used in ancient religious chants. It is different to modern tunings eg. A is 417Hz instead of 440Hz. The tunings were purported to have major spiritual and healing benefits.

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its also a type of singing. I learned it studying trumpet as a means to get better at sight reading. I don't think the tonality of the scale is different I just think when you sing the notes using solfeg you are putting in your mind the actual sound of the notes rather than thinking C D E F G A B C. You are singing and hearing DO RE ME FA SO LA TI DO.



good track

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Hey nice one! I like it. My only real feedback is to think about what is going on in the bass/sub-bass range. Sometimes I hear the BD in that range, sometimes other elements. It's a bit indistinct. I like to carve out the sub-bass range so that only one element is working there. (Could be bass synth, could be BD.) That way, when that element hits, it has real impact in contrast to "space" around it.



-William Fields

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