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Itzel - Scelero (NYH196) - New York Haunted


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Hello WATMM,

New York Haunted has just released my new album, 'Scelero', and I would love to share with you -- link below w/ kind words:


"After his sensational EP and LP last year, we are extremely happy to welcome Itzel back to NYH! I have to be honest, it's hard to find new ways to describe artists that are great and make amazing music. I'm stunned no other labels have jumped on Daniel/Itzel yet and I'm also amazed at the general lack of attention for his previous releases. Superb electronica like this should not go unnoticed..

Daniel shares 10 amazing tracks of experimental electronics. Itzel adds vocals and a little bit of a harder, dare I say meaner, edge to his soft focus version of all of The Black Dog, Beaumont Hannant and B12's best tracks, updated into a 2020 sound palette. His sound is his own and growing with each finished cut. Truly magnificent production and real, human emotions seeping through a prism of machine realness."

'Scelero' is a work that is distortion/noise-heavy and may appeal to those looking for unorthodox sounds. Thank you for listening. ?


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